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This page will document all the events Vortex can send and receive using the Vortex API.

Interacting with events

You can both catch and emit all events inside Vortex. The Vortex API is accessed as a property of the context object.

In order to have your extension respond to an event you can use the following:

context.api.events.on('eventName', callback);

context.api.onAsync('eventName', callback);

To emit an event (or command) yourself use the following:

context.api.events.emit('eventName', callback);

context.api.emitAndAwait('eventName', callback);

Notice that the asynchronous version is called from the API object directly, rather than from the events property.


Mods Enabled

Emitted by Vortex when one or more mods are enabled.

Name mods-enabled
Parameters (mods: string[], enabled: boolean, gameId: string)
    (mods, enabled, gameId) => console.log(`${mods.count} mods ${enabled ? 'enabled' : 'disabled'} in ${gameId}`) 

Game Mode Activated

Emitted by Vortex when switching the currently managed game, including when the application first starts.

Name gamemode-activated
Parameters (gameId: string)
    (gameId) => console.log(`Activated game mode in ${gameId}`) 
  • The gameId property can be undefined. This usually happens when the user deletes their last profile for an active game.


Emitted by Vortex when the application first starts (after the extensions are loaded by before the UI is displayed).

Name startup
Parameters none
    () => console.log('Vortex is starting up.') 

Will Deploy

Emitted asynchronously by Vortex before starting a deployment.

Name will-deploy
Parameters (profileId: string, oldDeployment: { [modType: string]: IDeployedFile[] })
    (profiled, oldDeployment) => console.log(`About to deploy mods for profile ${profileId}`) 

context.api.emitAndAwait('will-deploy', profileId, lastDeployment);

Did Deploy

Emitted asynchronously by Vortex after finishing a deployment.

Name did-deploy
Parameters (profileId: string, newDeployment: { [modType: string]: IDeployedFile[] })
    (profiled, newDeployment) => console.log(`Finished deploying mods for profile ${profileId}`) 

context.api.emitAndAwait('did-deploy', profileId, thisDeployment);

Profile Will Change

Emitted by Vortex before switching between profiles.

Name profile-will-change
Parameters (newProfileId: string, enqueue: (cb: () => Promise<void>) => void)
    (newProfileId, enqueue: () => undefined) => console.log(`Preparing to switch to profile ${newProfileId}`) 
  • The events profile-will-change and profile-did-change also fire when swapping between games, because each game has a separate profile.
  • The newProfileId property can be undefined if the user deletes the last profile for their active game.
  • The enqueue function can be used to return a Promise which needs to be fulfilled before the profile may be changed. The change can not be cancelled though because we can't know if/how previous changes can be rolled back.

Profile Did Change

Emitted by Vortex after switching between profiles.

Name profile-did-change
Parameters (newProfileId: string)
    (newProfileId => console.log(`Finished switching to profile ${newProfileId}`) 
  • The events profile-will-change and profile-did-change also fire when swapping between games, because each game has a separate profile.
  • The newProfileId property can be undefined if the user deletes the last profile for their active game.

Did Import Downloads

Emitted by Vortex after adding new downloads to the downloads section.

Name did-import-downloads
Parameters (dlIds: string[])
    (dlIds => console.log(`Imported ${dlIds.length} downloads`) 

Will Move Downloads

Emitted by Vortex before the user relocates their download folder for a game.

Name will-move-downloads
Parameters none
    (() => console.log('Vortex is preparing to move downloads.') 

Filehash Calculated

Emitted by Vortex after the user adds a new file and its MD5 has been calculated.

Name filehash-calculated
Parameters (filePath: string, fileMD5: string, fileSize: number)
    (filePath, fileMD5, fileSize) => console.log(`File at ${filePath} is ${fileSize} bytes with MD5 of ${fileMD5}`) 

Added Files

Emitted asynchronously by Vortex if new files have been created in the mods folder and Vortex has attempted to identify where they came from.

Name added-files
Parameters (profileId: string, newFiles: Array<{ filePath: string, candidates: string[] }>)
    (profileId, newFiles) => {
        const fileInfo = newFiles.map(f => `File${f.filePath} could be a part of the following mods ${f.candidates.join('\n')}`).join('\n');
        console.log(`New files detected in the mods folder for ${profileId}\n${fileInfo}`);

Mod Enabled

Emitted by Vortex when a mod is toggled from disabled to enabled.

Name mod-enabled
Parameters (profileId: string, modId: string)
context.api.events.on('mod-enabled', (profileId, modId) => console.log(`Mod ${modId} enabled in ${profileId}`) 

Mod Disabled

Emitted by Vortex when a mod is toggled from enabled to disabled.

Name mod-disabled
Parameters (profileId: string, modId: string)
context.api.events.on('mod-disabled', (profileId, modId) => console.log(`Mod ${modId} disabled in ${profileId}`) 

Mod Content Changed

Emitted when Vortex determines the files inside a mod were changed (files might have been deleted or added). Primarily useful to update caches.

Name mod-content-changed
Parameters (profileId: string, modId: string)
context.api.events.on('mod-content-changed', (profileId, modId) => console.log(`Mod ${modId} in ${profileId} changed`) 

Will Purge

Emitted by Vortex before purging deployed mods.

Name will-purge
Parameters (profileId: string, deployment: IDeployment)
context.api.events.on('will-purge', (profileId, deployment) => console.log(`Preparing to purge on profile ${profileId}`) 

Did Purge

Emitted by Vortex after purging deployed mods.

Name did-purge
Parameters (profileId: string)
context.api.events.on('did-purge', (profileId) => console.log(`Finished purge on profile ${profileId}`) 


Start Download URL

Intruct Vortex to download the file at a given URL and name the resulting file.

Name start-download-url
Parameters (url: string, fileName: string)
context.api.events.emil('start-download-url', url, fileName);

Show Balloon

Intruct Vortex to display a notification to the user.

Name show-balloon
Parameters (title: string, content: string)
context.api.events.emil('show-balloon', title, content);

Internal Events