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Russian langauage. Second homosexual after French. One of most emotional correct. One of most precise languages to imitate eny other language. Accurate and certain psycholinguistics in words form. Rus language its just as atractive young men. He change them rules as he wants and never lose purpose.


Who speak Rus here? Lets talk about Fallout 4 modding please. i still keep my hopes to make little APC on 4 persons with universal workbench,shower,toilet,beds and warehouse onboard. BORT means any mobile transporter in Rus language. I want personnel amphibious bort in Fallout 4 and hope to ask You about creation of skin, animation and other terms in CreationKit. BEYOND 3Ds, and other left application. Only FALLOUT.ESP and official DLC's resources.


Who cares to chat about that please respond, Thank You.