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  1. Making a round hole in your mesh in Blender
  2. Aligning vertices in Blender
  3. Splitting meshes in Blender
  4. An introduction to Modifiers in Blender
    1. Creating a chain with links using Blender
    2. Creating basic clothes in 5 minutes using Blender
    3. Creating a belt using Blender
    4. Creating a cape using Blender
  5. Making square UV maps in Blender


  1. Giving sense of volume to textures using GIMP
  2. Basic textures in GIMP: Introduction
    1. Basic textures in GIMP: Cloth
    2. Basic textures in GIMP: Carbon fiber
    3. Basic textures in GIMP: Denim
    4. Basic textures in GIMP: Metal
    5. Basic textures in GIMP: Wrinkles
    6. Basic textures in GIMP: Stitches
    7. Basic textures in GIMP: Satin
  3. Recolouring an armour
  4. Making height maps in Blender
  5. Creating cubemaps for Skyrim


  1. Creating an armour for Skyrim.Part 1
  2. Creating an armour for Skyrim.Part 2
  3. Skyrim bodyparts number
  4. Using Texture sets for Skyrim
  5. Making an item craftable for Skyrim
  6. Converting an armour to another body for Skyrim
  7. Adding a Merchant NPC to Skyrim
  8. Adding a Trainer NPC to Skyrim
  9. Adding a Follower NPC to Skyrim
  10. Creating a custom race for Skyrim
  11. Using a face made with Chargen Extension on an NPC for Skyrim

Fallout 3

  1. Creating a sword for Fallout
  2. Creating an armour for Fallout.Part 1
  3. Creating an armour for Fallout.Part 2
  4. Creating character animations
  5. Porting hairs to Fallout

Dragon Age 2

  1. Modifying spells and abilities for Dragon age 2
  2. Creating an erf file for Dragon age 2
  3. Extracting files from erf and rim files for Dragon Age 2
  4. Recolouring an armour for Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age

  1. Using custom tattoos with Dragon Age character creator
  2. Installing cosmetic mods for Dragon Age