Uninstalling a perk mod

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Here's a little tutorial that will teach you how to uninstall any perk mod without needing to rely on the uploader's documentation. Don't know if it's a perk mod? If it CTD (crashes to desktop) when you load a game after unchecking the mod from a loader, this tutorial will allow you to play again. Links to pictures are also included if you would like some visual aid or prefer learning visually, although the pictures are assuming that I'm uninstalling "The Butcher" (hey, it's my mod, so don't assume I'm hating. ;))

  1. Get FO3Edit (you could use the GECK if you want, but it's not as user-friendly).

  2. Run FO3Edit.exe

  3. Make sure that the perk mod you want to uninstall is selected, and click "OK."

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot01.jpg

  4. Wait for it to finish loading (it'll say "Background Loader: terminated" at the very bottom).

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot02.jpg

  5. Expand the mod by clicking on the "+" just before it.

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot03.jpg

  6. Expand "Perk"

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot04.jpg

  7. Write down "player.removeperk" followed by all of the Form IDs under "Perk."

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot05.jpg

  8. Caution: Some perk mods have a quest-script running. If you expand the .esp and there is a "Quest" category, write down "stopquest" followed by the Quest Form ID(s).

  9. Close FO3Edit

  10. Start up Fallout 3 (in your loader, make sure the perk mod you want to uninstall is checked) and load your latest save.

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot06.jpg

  11. Open the console using the tilde ("~") key. If there was a Quest category in the mod, use the "stopquest [FormID]" command before the "player.removeperk [FormID]" commands.

  12. Type in "player.removeperk [Form ID]" for each of the form IDs, pressing Enter after each command.

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot07.jpg

  13. Save your game and exit Fallout 3.

  14. Start up your loader again, but this time uncheck the perk mod you want to uninstall.

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot08.jpg

  15. Start Fallout 3 and load the save you created in Step 13.

    Uninstalling a perk mod screenshot09.jpg

Congratulations! The perk mod has now been uninstalled and you can safely delete the .esp from your Data folder.

Made with information by Tyana rie, which was posted by hardkopy on FO3Nexus.