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When managing your mods with Vortex, xEdit can be set up as a tool for convenience.

What is a "xEdit"?

xEdit is an advanced tool for examining and editing plugin files from Bethesda Gamebryo games. It provides an interface to read all data contained in ESM, ESP and ESL files. It is most often used to create patches and for advanced conflict resolution.

Where to get xEdit

You can get xEdit from Nexus Mods, or from the Github page. Files from different Nexus Mods sites are the same application provided version numbers match.

Other Versions


For this application, we actually don't want to install it with Vortex, as a single installation of xEdit can be used for multiple games.

Simply download the files and place in a suitable place on your PC.

Set up with Vortex

Some games already have a tool shortcut for xEdit on the dashboard, in the case of games that don't we can use the 'Add tools' option in the Starter dashlet.


In the new tool dialogue, add the following fields

Field Information
Name Call it whatever you like, usually xEdit or the game specific name will do.
Target Click the little folder icon and select the path to the xEdit installation.
Command line This is where we specify which game to open. Add one of the following for the game you are managing.
  • -TES3 for Morrowind
  • -TES4 for Oblivion
  • -TES5 for Skyrim (2011)
  • -F03 for Fallout 3
  • -FNV for Fallout New Vegas
  • -FO4 for Fallout 4
  • -SSE for Skyrim Special Edition
  • -TES5VR for Skyrim VR
  • -FO4VR for Fallout 4 VR
  • -FO76 for Fallout 76

It should look something like this when complete.


Run your newly added tool from the play button next to its name on the Starter dashlet.

Advanced Options

An advanced option for users who want to create patches and keep them in Vortex. You can manually create a mod in Vortex by opening your mod staging folder and adding an additional folder (Note: this won't appear in Vortex until the app is restarted).

Then in the "Command Line" section of the tool, add "-o:<path to your new folder>". This will mean any new plugins you make in xEdit will output to this folder, so Vortex can manage them.