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This template is so it may be included in several instances in the article "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting".

Programs and Tools

  • A plain text editor like Windows Notepad.


As of 21 March 2017, the "Lutana NVSE Plugin" has been merged into the JIP LN NVSE Plugin (version 40.0 and later) following Lutana's removal from the Nexis site. The merge has the following compatibility features:

  • All the functions retain their original names and the same opcode-IDs as they had in Lutana.
  • Calling GetPluginVersion "lutana_nvse" will now return the loaded JIP LN main version (int).
  • Similarly, calling the old GetLNVersion function (now aliased GetJIPLNVersion) will now return the loaded JIP LN full version (float).

Therefore, it is NOT necessary to modify and/or re-compile any scripts/conditions using Lutana functions (with some limited exceptions - mod creators should review the "Notes", in the pinned first post of the "JIP LN NVSE Plugin" download page comments).


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