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This template is so it may be included in several articles:

Programs and Tools


Issue: Where to obtain the G.E.C.K.?

  • Cause: The Construction Kit is a separate download and not automatically installed by Steam. (It is with the GOG DRM-free version.)
  • Solution-1a: You can download the "GECK. - New Vegas Edition" through Steam. It's under the "Library | Tools" tab in the Steam launcher.
  • Solution-1b: Download from the GECK Main Page.
  • Recommended: The community developed "GECK 1.4 Power-Up" is an optional NVSE plugin supplement to GECK, and considered essential due to the additional diagnostic messages (especially for scripts that won't compile) it displays.

Issue: GeckCustom.INI file

The "GeckCustom.ini" may not get created in the "C:\Users\<YourAccountName>\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV" folder until you save your first modified file; not merely close GECK as some have reported. NOTE that as you have to run GECK as an "Administrator", the "C:\Users\..." folder with the INI file will be for the "Administrator" account. This can cause confusion as to where to look.

Common Customizations:

  • In order to load multiple master (i.e. ESM) files into GECK at once, you need to edit the "GeckCustom.ini" file to add:
  • To enable more than one copy of the GECK (or both the FO3 and FNV versions) to be open at one time, edit the "GeckCustom.ini" file to add:
  • Disable the editor interface from hearing sounds by changing the following to "0", but a re-edit back to "1" will restore the ability when you need it. While not completely eliminating all frustrations, it seems to increase the amount of trouble-free edits between CTDs to multiple hours at a time.
  • You may find many things are invisible when viewing an interior cell in the New Vegas version of the GECK. Change the following from "1" to "0".
  • To get GECK to work with ENBSeries loaded so you can see ENB's effects while in the editor as well, try the following. And get ready for GECK to take >20 seconds to load on startup. But it'll look pretty.
  • In the "enblocal.ini" file located in the game root folder (i.e. <SteamInstallPath>\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas"), set:

Issue: How to get GECK to load with NVSE?

  • Cause: "New Vegas Script Extender" is an addon library of functions developed after GECK was "finished", so it doesn't know about the extensions. Without including NVSE, use of commands from that or the older FOSE (which is incorporated) extension will produce script errors of "unrecognized command" preventing compiling and saving them. While the "Power-Up" addon is an NVSE tool, that does not mean that NVSE is loaded as part of the GECK itself, so it doesn't otherwise recognize those extensions.
  • Solution: Note you must launch GECK as an "Administrator" account, no matter if you are also loading NVSE or the "GECK Power-Up".
  • Create a shortcut to the GECK. Name it something to reflect this is for the GECK + (PU or/with NVSE) (e.g. "GECKPU+NVSE").
  • < Right-click > on the shortcut and select "Properties | Shortcut".
  • To load "NVSE" (with or without 'Power-Up'), your target command line is '"nvse_loader.exe" -editor' in double-quotes (because of the embedded spaces).
(The "-editor" must be placed outside of the double-quotes of the path so it will be recognized as a "parameter".)
  • In the "Target:" field put the complete path to, and include the "target command line" as appropriate from above after it (i.e.
 "< path to Steam >\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\nvse_loader.exe" -editor
  • Select the "Advanced" button on the same "Shortcut" tab, and enable (check) the box "Run as administrator" on the window displayed.
  • Click the "OK" button until the shortcut window closes.

Issue: GECK Power Up or NVSE cannot find GECK.EXE

  • Cause: You must launch anything to do with GECK from an "Administrator" account.
  • Create a shortcut, and on the "Properties | Advanced" tab enable (check) the "Run as administrator" box. This will cause you to automatically be prompted to enter a valid Administrator account and password each time you try to run the command so you won't forget.

Issue: Where to start in creating mods?

  • Cause: The GECK is only part of what you need to create mods, and it doesn't have a training manual.

Issue: GECK crashes upon editing a weapon

"Every time I attempt to use the GECK to edit a weapon it crashes, even when only the main NV master file is selected." This also occurs when "Fallout Character Overhaul" (FCO) is installed.

  • Cause-1: GECK needs to have the LAA flag enabled in order to take advantage of more than 2GB of memory.
  • Solution 1-b: The GECK should also be patched to use up to 4GB of memory (i.e. FNV 4GB Patcher, the NTCore 4GB Patch or their more general CCF Explorer, or the like).
  • Cause-2: This has been traced to the presence of a specific file that is overwritten by "Fallout Character Overhaul" (FCO): eyebrowm.nif in: Data\meshes\characters\hair.
  • Solution-2: Remove the troublesome file when using GECK, and restore it when playing. If you put it into a batch (.cmd) file such as the following to launch GECK you won't forget.
@echo off
::REM As GECK has to be run from an 'Administrator' account, you should launch it from a
::REM   shortcut (.lnk file) that has that "run as" setting in the 'Properties'.  This will
::REM   be run in a separate sub-process window.  Otherwise the 'start' command won't WAIT
::REM   until GECK is done before continuing with this script.
::REM Change the 'set runpgm=' line to point to your GECK shortcut.
set runpgm=C:\Users\Public\Rec\FalloutNV\GeckPU.lnk
::REM Change the 'set gamedir=' line to point to your game install folder.
set gamedir=E:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas
::REM Nothing else below this point should need to be changed.
set tgtdir=%gamedir%\Data\meshes\characters\hair
pushd "%gamedir%"
if exist "%tgtdir%\eyebrowm.nif"  ren "%tgtdir%\eyebrowm.nif" eyebrowm.nif.hld && @echo SCRIPT: Removed file [eyebrowm.nif]
@echo SCRIPT: Manually close the separate window GECK is launched in.  When you do, DO NOT
@echo SCRIPT:   select to 'Terminate batch job' (answer "N") or you won't restore files properly.
start "GECK" /D "%gamedir%" /WAIT cmd /k "%runpgm%"
if exist "%tgtdir%\eyebrowm.nif.hld"  ren "%tgtdir%\eyebrowm.nif.hld" eyebrowm.nif && @echo SCRIPT: Restored file [eyebrowm.nif]
  • Cause-3: If the GECK seems to "hang" while loading your plugin, this may be due to failing to select other plugins your target plugin requires as "masters", but which are not ESM files and/or not automatically included by GECK.
  • Solution-3: You can use the xEdit/FNVEdit "File Header" to identify all the files that are masters to your plugin, and then be sure to select all of them when loading it into the GECK. Please see the wiki Missing Masters article for details.

Issue: GECK crashes upon starting

  • Cause-1: You don't have the correct permissions for running GECK.
  • Solution-1: GECK must be "run as administrator".
  1. Navigate to the program folder of the program you want to run (i.e. FalloutNV game root folder).
  2. Right-click the program icon (i.e. the "Geck.exe" file).
  3. Choose Properties.
  4. On the Compatibility tab, select the "Run This Program As An Administrator" option.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If you see a "User Account Control" prompt, accept it.
Now each time you run GECK you will be prompted to enter an "Administrator" account password. If you enter it wrong, GECK won't start.
  • Cause-2: There is not enough available memory in the default 2GB allocated for 32-bit programs. GECK needs to have the LAA flag enabled in order to take advantage of more than 2GB of memory.
  • Cause-3: GECK seems to be overly sensitive to the correct "system compatibility" mode when run on versions of Windows after Vista SP2.
  • Solution-3: Set the "Properties | Compatibility tab" to "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)" for both the GECK.EXE and the (PowerUp) GECKPU-NV-14.EXE files.

Issue: GECK doesn't automatically select FalloutNV.ESM or some DLC

Normally, when starting GECK and opening the "File" menu it has automatically "checked" (enabled) the DLC ESM files for loading, but not the "FalloutNV.ESM".

  • Cause: This is controlled by the presence of the "*.nam" files, which by default are present for all the DLC (but not for "FalloutNV.ESM"). If any are not found, that DLC is not automatically selected (enabled) either. These files cause the game to load those DLC even if they are not "active" in the "load order". (It is recommended you rename rather than delete them if you don't want a particular DLC to be loaded.)
  • Solution: The "nam" file contains nothing more than the common name (i.e. "Dead Money") of the respective DLC. When a plaintext "FalloutNV.nam" file (which does not exist by default) with "Fallout New Vegas" as content is created, "FalloutNV.ESM" will be automatically checked (enabled) in GECK's "File" menu just like the DLC.

Issue: GECK hates me in general or how to get started working with it

  • Cause: The GECK is frustratingly buggy. It is not intuitive to use. The GECK website makes assumptions that you understand concepts introduced in earlier game Construction Kits (CKs).

Issue: GECK won't tell me what's wrong with my script

  • Cause: The GECK does not report problems with scripts, and won't allow a script with errors to be saved.
  • Solution-1: the GECK 1.4 Powerup mod comes in a "standalone" version for the "vanilla" GECK functions, and one for GECK with NVSE functions. It fixes and improves some issues while providing the missing messages when the GECK compiler finds an error or warning, and lets you save a script without compiling it. Considered "essential" by mod creators.
  • Solution-2: The CIPSCIS Script Validator allows you to quickly indent your script while simultaneously checking it for several errors, many of which are not picked up by the GECK's compiler. It works with Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas. Includes it's own tutorials.

Issue: GECK is missing text in fields

GECK seems to be missing the text associated with certain columns of dialogue information (Editor ID, Topics, etc.). Typically this is a "list box" type field.

  • Cause: This occurs in the GECK for both "Fallout 3" and "New Vegas". The problem originally appeared following the installation of Microsoft Knowledge Base article 3000850 (a Win8.1 "rollup update"), was fixed by rolling back that update, but then the problem got "baked in" to Win10. The issue causes the column's right border to be shifted to the far left of the field so the column text is not visible. (See the GECK: Collapsed Text Field Figure.
    GECK: Collapsed Text Field Figure
    Click the link/thumbnail to see the enlarged image. Use your browser "<back page>" control to return to this page.)
  • Temporary Solution: Place the mouse cursor in the top left corner of the "blank" field that is missing text until it changes the cursor shape into a "+" (column resize) cursor. Left-click and hold while dragging to the right, and the missing text should be displayed. Continue dragging to the right until everything is shown or the mouse cursor is no longer the "+" shape. When you release the mouse button the display field should be corrected. However, this "fix" may not persistent from one GECK session to another.
  • Workaround: there is a Windows "hotkey" for expanding all columns in the currently active window of Windows Explorer and some programs (including GECK).
  • First you have to select a field with the problem (i.e. the "Conditions" field in the GECK: Collapsed Text Field "Before Figure") in the displayed GECK window,
  • Then press "Ctrl" and the "+" key on the cursor/number-keypad. (The "+" key on the regular keyboard won't have this effect.)
Now all columns should be expanded fully by themselves. (See the GECK: Expanded Text Field "After Figure".
GECK: Expanded Text Field Figure
Click the link/thumbnail to see the enlarged image. Use your browser "<back page>" control to return to this page.)

Issue: GECK Render Window shows a large gray square in new world space

Created a new world space and set WastelandNV as parent, using land and map data from the parent. Everything seems to be working fine except for a huge gray square covering most of the render window when trying to view the new world space.

  • Cause: The gray square is the water table.
  • Solution: Go to your 0,-0 point, zoom past the gray till you can see your land, and then add a static. Close, save, and then open your world space in GECK again and your land surface should now be visible.

Issue: How do I configure the GECK to do "< something >"?


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