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This tutorial will teach you how to archive your mod in multiple files that are smaller than an upload limit.

This will allow you to upload your entire mod as multiple files regardless of how large it is.


  • 7-Zip Archiver (Documented using version 4.57)
  • A mod that will not compress in a single file under an upload limit (300 MB at the Nexus, 25 MB at Planet Elder Scrolls)

Summary of steps

  1. Create a multi-volume archive (one archive split into many files)
  2. Archive each volume file again to preserve the original filename.
  3. Upload to the server.

Detailed steps

  1. Place all the files of your mod into a folder. Example:
    C:\SilverDragon\omod conversion data\*.*
    C:\SilverDragon\Armory of the Silver Dragon.esp
    C:\SilverDragon\Armory of the Silver Dragon Readme.txt
  2. Select all the files and folders in the root of your folder.
  3. Right-click the files and select 7-Zip, Add to archive.
  4. On the Add to Archive dialog box, I recommend the following settings and then click OK:
    Archive format: 7z (Almost always the smallest archive)
    Compression Level: Maximum (Ultra can chew your memory to pieces and take forever)
    Split to volumes, bytes: 49MB (or 24MB for Planet Elder Scrolls)
  5. After compression is complete, you should find multiple files with filename extensions like .001, .002
  6. Right-click on each of the 1st split file and select 7-zip, Add to archive.
  7. Set the following compression options and click OK:
    Archive name: SilverDragon.7z.001.7z (Be sure to add the file number to keep each file unique.
    Archive format: 7z
    Compression Level: Store (It is already compressed, simply add to an archive without additional compression)
  8. Repeat the above two steps for each volume that was created.
  9. Now that we have the archive split into multiple files under imposed upload limit each, we can then upload each file to the same mod page.

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