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There are a few mods that allow you to spawn, or call in NPC's or creatures. In my case I have downloaded most NPC mods available. I combined a few mods that make fallout 3 seem to be a completely different game.

  1. I downloaded Sandbox_spawn_creatures mod.
  2. I downloaded NPC_spawn list.
  3. I downloaded mkll_champions of war. (or something similar)
  4. Enclave commander is just as good as mkll_champions of war.
  5. Megaton_wars is somewhat of a spawning mod.

Once you find those and there authors, you can spawn anything, anytime, anywhere.

This is for people who have installed some spawn and NPC mods, that need help.

  1. Spawn_list, its just a list... once you have installed it,run the extracted DOC. on microsoft_word_processor. It will bring up a list of creature names, and codes. The codes next to the names are what you need to type into the console command, in the game.
  2. Sandbox_spawn_creatures, once you have installed it, you must have FOSE, once you have checked it in DATA, run FOSE. When you're in game, press F12 and F10 a few times, then hit the console command button and a list of creatures will show up. what ever is below the one in the command area, is what will spawn, (click F11 to spawn things)
  3. Enclave commander is pretty simple... (contact if you need help, i will respond)

Any other spawn mods you need help with, contact me and I will personally help you, Thanks.