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The Mod Builder & Exporter is a tool included in the official Blade and Sorcery SDK, it allows for the quick compilation and exporting of asset bundles straight to your mods folder. This page will outline it's features and general usage.

It's recommended you read the pages on Addressable Assets and BuildStaging before proceeding, as they're vital to the usage of the Mod Builder.


UI Layout

The Mod Builder & Exporter as of update 9.3

The Mod Builder is divided into four main sections

  • Profile
  • Mod folder name
  • Included addressable group(s)
  • Exporting



Profiles allow for the quick saving and loading of your addressable and mod name settings. This feature is especially useful when working on mods with multiple Asset Bundles, or in cases where you need to switch back and forth between multiple projects.

The dropdown at the beginning of this section holds the stored presets you have created. You can create a new profile by clicking "Add Profile", which will generate one using the name entered to the right of the button. Once a profile is selected, you can ues the "Save Profile" button to store your settings, which will be loaded when the profile is selected.


Mod Folder Name

This section includes only two elements, a text field for the name of your mod, and a dropdown to specify what happens when export is clicked.

The name field must match the name of the folder placed in your BuildStaging section. It will then write your mod to a folder inside StreamingAssets under the same given name. Note that you can still export without a matching folder inside BuildStaging, but you will recieve an error from the SDK.

The dropdown dictates what the export function will do. If set to build, it will compile your asset bundles and include them in your mod folder. If set to export, it will copy the contents of the folder inside BuildStaging to your mod folder. By default, the mod exporter is set to do both of these.


Addressable Groups

This section allows you to choose what assets are exported with your mod. Here you can view the groups you created in the Addressable Assets menu. Any selected assets will be compiled and sent to your mod folder on export.



Here you can change additional export settings and build your mod.

The first available setting is the "Export to" dropdown. By default, this is set to "Game" which will export your mod to the StreamingAssets folder. Setting this to "Project" allows you to specify an exact location to build your mod to.

Additionally you can toggle the options to have your game launch after exporting, or to delete the contents of the folder you're exporting to before building (dangerous when set to Project mode!)

Note: The location you provide for "Game Folder Directory" should be the top level folder of your copy of Blade and Sorcery, and not your mod folder