Making a non-replacing mod for custom models/model replacing mods

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  1. Extract the mod files to your Fallout directory.
  2. Find the model item (in Meshes/..) and rename it:
    e.g. Helmet.nif to HelmetSHOJOFIX.nif
  3. Get FO3Edit

Creating the ESP file

  1. Start FO3Edit and tick the ESP/ESM file containing the item.
    Non-replacing mod screenshot01.gif

  2. Find and right click the item, click "Copy as new record into...".
    Non-replacing mod screenshot02.gif

  3. Rename or append to the original item name.
    Non-replacing mod screenshot03.gif

  4. Tick "<new file>". Click OK.
    Non-replacing mod screenshot04.gif

  5. Type in a descriptive filename, then click OK.
    Non-replacing mod screenshot05.gif

  6. Click YES.
    Non-replacing mod screenshot06.gif

  7. Find the new ESP you have just created and left-click on the item.
    Take down the item number (in the FormID column on the left).
    In the frame on the right, look for Male/Female Biped Model. Right click the "MODL - Model Filename" and click Edit. Change the model filename to the modded version (the renamed file from Preparation step 2). Edit the MODL entry for Male/Female as well, if applicable.
    Edit "FULL - Name". This is displayed in-game as the item name.
    Non-replacing mod screenshot07.gif

Spawning the item in-game

  1. Take note of the Load Order Number in FOMM
    Non-replacing mod screenshot08.gif

  2. In-game, press ~ (tilde) to get the console.
    Type in "player.additem xxnnnnnn 1". Press enter.
    "xx" = FOMM load order number and "nnnnnn" = the item number from FO3Edit (*omit first 2 numbers*).
    In the example above, the item ID would be: 2A000800
    Non-replacing mod screenshot09.gif