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This page describes how to create visual ladderobject and how to make it work in the game.

Ladder prefabs

Ladders need to be placed as prefabs, to be found in SmartObjects/Ladders library.

Ladders Documentation Image1.jpg

Number in the prefab's name represents the height of the ladder in centimeters. Height is measured from the very bottom of the ladder to the top rung and should as close as possible correspond with height of the floor. However there is some tolerance...


Adjusting height of ladder

You can slightly change the height of ladder if needed - for example 250 cm tall ladder can work as 225 or 275 ladder. Animation might not look perfect then, but it can solve problems with navmesh. How to do it? Open ladder prefab, select Ladder entity, select SmartObjectHelpers property and change it to desired height. Try to stay as close to original height as possible.

Ladders Documentation Image2.jpg


If you need to have ladder with very specific height, you have to create new model and ask scripters to create new SmartObjectHelper with desired height.

Making new ladder

Distance between rungs is 25 cm, rungs need to be straight. Pivot is at the very bottom of the ladder and in the center of the rungs. Minimum width of the ladder between vertical beams is 40 cm.

Ladders Documentation Image3.jpg


Stairs as ladder

We can use ladder climbing mechanism for very steep stairs, just change LadderType to SteepStairs. Because it's very annoying to climb such a stairs, try to use it olny in case of necessity. Not sure what about the height, ask script emoticon_smile.png

Ladders Documentation Image4.jpg



Collision of ladder should look like this:


Ladders Documentation Image5.jpg


Always check navmesh. As usually, there has to be free space in front of the ladder on both ends - bottom and top. The green arrow means navmesh is connected by the ladder and ladder is working.

Ladders Documentation Image6.jpg

Sometimes the navmesh is working even without the arrows for no reason emoticon_smile.png You can ask programmers for help.

You can also check prefab helpers following this guide; green boxes incicating height of the ladder SHOULD be on the floor (both bottom and top). However there is some tolerance...

Ladders Documentation Image7.jpg


  • Climbing ladder might look ugly when ladder is too inclined.
  • All ladders in the game should be climbable. If you want to have ladder only as the decoration, make it appear so, for example:

Ladders Documentation Image8.jpg