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This needs to be a big red warning when installing Vortex (and MO2). If you have any backup software installed, and it's set to incremental update the backup - it'll break any/all mods installed by Vortex, over time. This happens as an incremental backup changes the properties of the source files in the game directory.   The danger with this is that users will have no idea why their mods aren't working when they are installed correctly and Vortex will say the mod is installed and will show it's enabled but in-game it'll be missing mods files and/or the mods will be disabled. The worse is that this will happen slowly over time. The user won't have changed anything and suddenly the mods won't work. I spent many weeks trying to figure out why my mods were slowly being ignored by Fallout4 and Skyrim Special Edition one by one even though all the files were installed correctly and present, and it was due to the backup software changing hidden file properties (so the backup software knows which files are archived already).   Possible fix: Add an excecption in your backup software to NEVER backup Vortex or any game folders you are using Vortex (or MO2) for, then delete the directory, reinstall the game via Steam, and get Vortex to either re-deploy OR reinstall all mods again.