Importing mods from NMM

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Vortex gives you the ability to import your mod archives from an existing Nexus Mod Manager installation. To do so, switch to the mods view (side panel > Mods), click on "Import From..." and select "Import from NMM".

Import 0.JPG

The import process is broken down into several steps. The first step will allow you to pick the NMM installation you want to import mod archives from - in case you have more than one instance of NMM installed.   Please make note of the information provided on this step informing you of the limits of the import process. Most notably, this import tool will only import mod archives. Once imported, you will have the choice to install the mods anew, or leave them uninstalled for now (if you want to install the mods at a later point in time instead). Note: you will have to go through any mod installers again and select the options you want and Vortex will reorder your plugin load order automatically.

Import 1.JPG