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This article will explain how to use OBMM (Oblivion Mod Manager) to make a load order list for posting. By Bben46

Using OBMM

  1. Open OBMM - if you don't have it, get it. It is needed for a lot of things when you work with mods.
  2. Look on the right, you will see a box with 'Import/Export'. Click that. Then select the first option, 'View Load Order'
  3. A new window will open with only your active mods listed in their load order. Any unchecked mods will not appear in this list.
  4. Use your mouse to highlight the entire list, then left click on the highlighted list. A box will open with Cut, copy paste.
  5. Select copy – DO NOT SELECT CUT!
  6. Now you can close the window and close OBMM (This might take a few minutes as OBMM takes a while to close.)
  7. Go to where you want to put the load order list – I recommend creating either a text document or a word processing document and naming it load order and the date (load order 6-22-08.txt)
  8. Then open that document, place your cursor at the beginning and right click. Select paste. This should copy your load order into the document.
  9. Now, to get the load order into a post, open the forum, find where you want to place the load order list and paste it. The copied text will be inserted where you place the mouse cursor.
  10. If you want to keep a copy for your own use, make a text file and past the same list into it.
  11. Then 'save as' and give it a name that you will remember, such as Load list-1.txt


Be sure to manually input that you are using OBMM and if you are using them, OBSE and Wrye Bash as they are not really mods, but utility programs and will not show in the list. Also, any texture and mesh only mods will not show as the list only displays esp and esm from mods.

BOSS is another utility, also used outside of the game. If you are using BOSS, you will need OBMM also as any mod not recognized by BOSS will be placed at the end of the load order. OBMM will allow manual placing of mods in the load order.