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With the release of the Construction Set 1.2, all .esp plugin files now require at least Oblivion 1.1.511 or higher. This is due to the internal version number of the plugin now being set to 1.0. The original version of the CS created plugins with an internal number of 0.8 and did not require Oblivion to be patched for it to work.

If the mod that you created does not use the new functions offered in the official patch 1.1 or 1.2, then you can remove the requirement from your plugin before you release it to the general public.

Version 1.0 usage

Here is the list of reasons to keep the internal 1.0 version number that I know about:

  • If your script uses the function called ClearOwnership
  • If your script uses the function called GetPlayerInSEWorld
  • If your script uses the function called PurgeCellBuffers
  • If your script uses the function called PushActorAway
  • If your script uses the function called SetActorsAI
  • If your script uses the function called SetPlayerInSEworld
  • If the visuals on your mod relies on the special effects of the new shaders.

Methods to back-rev plugins

Here are five ways to back-rev the internal number of your plugin.

  1. Use ESPcracker (RECOMMENDED) - Double-click ESPcracker.exe and select the ESP file. You can easily determine which version it is currently set to and easily set it to either version.
  2. Use Wrye Bash by right-clicking the ESP file and choosing Make 0.8.
  3. Use TES4Gecko - Open the ESP plugin with the edit description tool, then update to save the plugin which reverts the internal version automatically to 0.8.
  4. Use Tes4plusplus to revert the plugin version.
  5. Use a hex editor. Open the ESP plugin with a hex editor and on the second line (offsets 18H to 1DH).
Change 0C 00 00 00 80 3F to 0C 00 CD CC 4C 3F


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