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This is a starting list of any helpful tips on using the Fallout SDK, the GECK. Please add anything that you think the community will find useful, be it a special procedure to a particular arrangement of windows within the GECK.

Placing Bodies

When Havok Sim is activated, in the Render Window hold Ctrl+Alt and click and hold a dead person's body to drag the body around the screen. The effect is similar to that of grabbing a body ingame, so clicking on a different area of the body moves that bit around. The body still obeys the joint constraints seen ingame and limbs still collide with one another.

The Object Pallette

Using the object palette can give a level a unique and individual feel. Try to make as many different palettes as you can for each situation. For some starter palettes try 25 Useful Geck Object Palletes or Chucks Object Editing Pallets Modders resource

Dual Monitors

Working with two monitors makes the geck much easier to use. By putting the Render Window on one monitor, and leaving the Object and Cell View windows in another, you can clearly see what you are doing and the layout of your project. Example