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* [http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40442/? New Vegas Configator]
* [http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40442/? New Vegas Configator]
* [http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/tutorials/article/28-oblivion-creating-compatibility-patches/ Oblivion: Creating Compatibility Patches - Worldbuilding - TES Alliance]
* [http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/tutorials/article/28-oblivion-creating-compatibility-patches/ Oblivion: Creating Compatibility Patches - Worldbuilding - TES Alliance]
* [http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54991/ FOMM-Forked]
* [https://www.loverslab.com/topic/17895-fomm-custom-build-0141113/ "Custom" version of FOMM]
* [http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html GPLv3]
Nexus wiki articles referred to by this article:
Nexus wiki articles referred to by this article:

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Troubleshooting is a logical process of elimination. If all logic fails, you have to revert back to a vanilla game and slowly re-install mods, testing each one thoroughly before adding the next. It is a trade-off of "time" versus "effort". Where that tipping point lies is up to you. This is why you are always advised to follow a slow "install and test each mod one at a time" procedure when first setting up your game. Then you know specifically which mod is causing your problem, which saves time.


Standard list of things to ask yourself about your current FNV problem:

  1. Are you getting an error message? What is that pointing to as the source of the problem: the game, Steam, or Windows?
  2. What most recently changed (as far as what you have deliberately done to your game is concerned: New, updated, or removed mods or plugins)?
  3. Try renaming both the INI files in the "C:\Users\<YourAccountName>\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV" folder, and let the game rebuild them. (There might have been some unexpected changes.)
  4. Does the most recent mod change use New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) or supplemental plugins like JIP NVSE Plugin or Lutana NVSE Plugin? Check that log (in the game's root folder: i.e. "<Steam install path>\steamapps\common\FalloutNV").
    • In the folder "Data\NVSE" create a new text file and name it "nvse_config.ini". (This is not created when you install NVSE.)
    • Make sure "hide known file types" is disabled in Windows Explorer's folder options, or it will have a hidden ".txt" extension which you don't want.
    • Copy and paste the following into it:
    This will enable the game's error log the next time you run it, which will then be found in your FNV root folder (where you put the NVSE executable files). There will be two files: "falloutnv_error.log" and "falloutnv_havok.log". The first one is very useful for finding broken stuff in mods or the cause of crashes. Not everything in it is an error so keep that in mind; some are just warnings.
  5. Did the mod need to be added to MCM/oHUD/UIO? (Those mods need to see it when they are installed. See the wiki article HUD-UI-Menu issues and re-install them.)
  6. Is your version of Windows 32 or 64-bit? (32-bit may require BOOT.INI changes to use more than 2GB of memory. See this 2-4GB game memory limits and solutions article.)
  7. Are you using a FNV4GB Loader? (Increases available memory. But see the question about 32/64-bit Windows. It's related.)
  8. Are you using an ENB preset? (Alters the graphics environment, including INI changes.)
  9. Are you using Reshade/SweetFX? (Alters the graphics environment, including INI changes.)
  10. Check the game graphic & ENB/SweetFX options do not conflict with video driver settings. (Anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, anisotropic sample size, v-sync, anything else that is mentioned.)
  11. Are you using LOOT to sort your mod "load order" (LO)? (Reduces mod conflicts.) If you don't like LOOT's results, or wish total control over your LO, see the wiki article Load order and you for an approach to organizing the LO and creating a "merge patch" file to manually resolve conflicts.
  12. Do you have more than 130 active plugins in your LO, or more than 140 plugins installed (active or not) in the game DATA folder? The game can have problems with anywhere between 130-140 active, or too many installed, depending upon your system. This may manifest in any number of strange ways to include apparent missing meshes and textures that were there before, along with CTDs.
  13. If you are having a "texture" problem, see the ArchiveInvalidation (by Manager) sub-topic.
    • When in doubt, it will never harm things to try toggling "ArchiveInvalidation" off and then on again.
  14. Are you missing any of the "game fixer" mods? See the Issue: Vanilla game bugs sub-topic for a list of specific recommendations.
  15. If any LOD files (distant landscape terrain) have been added, re-run TES4LL. (See the TESTG site for a glossary of terms and descriptions of/links to utilities.)
  16. If the LO has changed, re-run FNVLODGen after LOOT. (Rebuilds LOD quadrants (quads), which are "load order" dependent.)
  17. Use FNVEdit (loading the entire LO) to check for Masters that are missing or loading after Dependencies. See wiki tutorial Missing Masters.
  18. Are you using a Wrye Flash Bashed Patch or a manually created "merge patch" file? (Resolves record level conflicts.) See S.T.E.P. Merging Plugins Guide which covers both approaches. (Use of "Mod Organizer" is not required.) Use the Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide to quickly get functional with "Wrye Flash", which I think is the easier approach for a novice modder.
  19. If you are using "Wrye Flash" to create a "Bashed Patch", have you gotten all "green" checkboxes for all your mods? See the first post in the pinned thread Fallout New Vegas Beginners guide to modding by gromulos.
  20. Was there an update to a mod that has been included in a "merged plugins" or "merge patch" file? Rebuild the "merge" file.
  21. Did any system or driver updates occur? (Third party processes might be the cause if nothing else changed.)
  22. Does your hardware meet the game's minimum requirements?
  23. Did you install Steam under the default location of the "C:\Program Files" tree? This causes many "strange" problems not otherwise explainable. As painful as it may sound, read the wiki article Installing Games on Windows Vista+ and move at least FNV. That article has a link to the official Steam Procedure.
  24. Finally, the problem might be an overheating hardware component. This usually shows up after a period of time which is typically fairly consistent but unpredictable as to when it manifests. Try installing and keeping an eye on a temperature monitor, such as Speedfan (freeware). Your motherboard manufacturer probably has one available as well.

ArchiveInvalidation (by Manager)

"ArchiveInvalidation" is a method by which the game is told to look for "loose files" in preference to those in the vanilla BSA files. This is the reliable method to get a mod's own texture and mesh files utilized, assuming you have properly installed those "assets". This post explains the problem and history quite well.

Check you have "ArchiveInvalidation" enabled. You may need to "toggle" it off and then on again.

  • Open your mod manager.
  • Mod Organizer (MO): Select your "Profile". Turn on "Automatic Archive Invalidation" in the "Configure Profiles" dialog. Close the mod manager.
  • Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM): Depending on the version you have, find "Archive Invalidation" either under the tools tab or find the button "Toggle Archive Invalidation".
  • Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or the newer Fallout Mod Manager - Forked (FOMM): if there is a "check mark" shown next to "Archive Invalidation", remove it and close the mod manager. Open the mod manager, open the "Tools" and place a "check mark" next to "Archive Invalidation".
    If there is not a "check mark" next to "Archive Invalidation", place one there and close the mod manager.
  • Wrye Flash (WF): click on the "Installers" tab, then right-click on the "Package" column header (gray bar) and click to place a "check mark" on the "BSA Redirection" context menu entry. Then right-click on the "Package" column header again and select "Anneal All".
  • If you don't use a "mod manager", you should. But there are mods out there that provide the same "BSA Redirection" functionality (the currently more effective form of "ArchiveInvalidation") as an addon.
  • For other texture problems, see the TESTG Troubleshooting section.

Mod Conflict Isolation

If you have to isolate a mod conflict, try first "disabling" half your mods, and testing. If the problem disappears, then you know the mod conflict lies in the "disabled" half of the mods. Re-enable half of those "disabled" mods while disabling the other (previously enabled) half, and test. Keep repeating this "halving" process until you have narrowed down the mod that causes the problem only when it is active. This is the quickest way to isolate a problem mod.

If disabling mods does not pin down the culprit, then you have to uninstall them to completely remove their influence, because they overwrote something which is causing the problem. You can use the same "halving" technique but often it will be quicker to just uninstall everything and start over from a "vanilla" game that you have tested has no problems.

If you un-installed and re-installed the game but even without mods it crashes on startup, likely you forgot to clear out your "C:\Users\<YourAccountName>\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV" folder. The game places your specific versions of the Fallout and Fallout_prefs INI files there, along with your "save games". Try renaming the "Users" folder INI files first. Then if that fails move the "saves" elsewhere, delete that FalloutNV folder's content, and re-install again. If you have to re-install again anyway, be sure to install to a folder that is not under the default "C:\Program Files" folder tree. See Installing Games on Windows Vista+ for the rationale and guidance.

When the above is not sufficient to resolve your problem, please report what steps you have tried so we don't waste time suggesting you repeat something. In such cases, report the actual steps: not just "I followed the guide". We need to know you didn't miss or misinterpret something.

It's always useful to post your Load Order (in "Spoiler" tags. Use the "Special BBCode" button in the Forum "Reply" menu bar). Screenshots are not the best way to convey your LO, because they usually can't include everything in one image. LOOT can copy your LO into a list suitable for posting on forums. (It's under the ":" with three dots to the extreme right in it's menu bar.) Most "mod managers" have a similar "LO List" capability. But the total number of mods you have installed in the DATA folder is also important, because even inactive plugins are counted against the "140 cap".

Towards Game Stability

  • If you want a stable game, don't make any changes to your setup once you start playing and making "save game" files. Even updates to current mods run the risk of making things unstable after the point they are added. If you do update, ensure you know which save to revert to prior to that update if it goes wrong.
  • Removing a mod that has stored some elements in a "save file" will leave residue (even with a "clean save") that can cause problems down the road. In particular you have to watch out for mods that use scripts to permanently change form and leveled lists (such as, purely as an example, Millenia's Weapon mods). This is not, in and of itself, a bad thing as there are compatibility advantages to using this "script" technique. Such mods usually point this out in their description. But it is something to pay attention to when experimenting. It's better to find out what causes problems before you start to play in earnest.

Specific Solutions

Issue: Application load error(s)

Specifically error codes: 5:0000065434/P:0000065432

  • Cause: Indicate the Steam Client is not loaded.
  • Solution: The client may be in "Offline" mode and minimized, but must remain running while launching the game, even with "nvse_launcher" or "fnv4gb".

Issue: Vanilla game CTDs on startup

Uninstalled and re-installed the game but even without mods it crashes on startup.

  • Cause-1: Likely you forgot to clear out your "C:\Users\<YourAccountName>\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV" folder. The game places your specific versions of the Fallout and Fallout_prefs INI files there, along with your save games. These are not replaced when you verify/re-install the game.
  • Solution-1a: Try renaming the "Users" folder INI files first. Then if that fails move the "saves" elsewhere, delete that FalloutNV folder's content, and re-install again. If you have to re-install again anyway, be sure to install to a folder that is not under the default "C:\Program Files" folder tree. See Installing Games on Windows Vista+ for the rationale and guidance.
  • Cause-2: If the CTD occurs before you get to the Main/Pause Menu, likely it is a "missing master file" required by a mod.
  • Solution-2: See the wiki article Missing Masters for a tutorial on how to determine the missing file and fix this problem.
  • Cause-3: Recently (mid 2016) nVidia driver updates and some Windows 10 updates have started to cause CTDs upon startup to previously trouble-free games. Apparently FNV is now old enough that it has been dropped from the "test suites" for these products. This is a common, routine practice in the industry.
  • Solution-3a: The "New Vegas Anti-Crash" (NVAC) mod has been reported to conflict with the offending nVidia drivers. It may prove necessary to make a choice between the two depending upon which need is greater. In general, avoid upgrading your video card drivers unless the latest fixes a particular problem you are encountering.
  • Solution-3b: Depending upon the nature of the Windows update (all updates provide a link to a MS Knowledge Base article explaining the update in detail), reverting to the "system restore point" prior to the update may be a reasonable solution. However, in the long term this might prove to be a security risk, so be sure to report the problem and track the status of the update for possible fix and re-release.

Issue: Problems point to Steam as the source

Errors such as a "Preparing to Launch" message loop, or nothing apparently happening when you click to start any Steam game, or system error messages ask to troubleshoot Steam.

  • Cause: A corrupted "ClientRegistry.blob" file.
  • Diagnostic: First, confirm this is a Steam problem with the following steps.
    • Use the "verify local files" option in the Steam Library.
    • Ensure the launchers (FalloutNV.exe, FNV4GB.exe, nvse_loader.exe, nvse_steam_loader.dll, etc. as appropriate) are up to date.
    • If you have the game installed in the default Steam location (under "C:\Program Files"), ensure the initial launcher or the shortcut used is set to "run as administrator". (All other files will be launched using this launcher's environment and credentials.) If you are having problems with the game installed elsewhere, try setting the launcher to "run as administrator" as a test.
    • If all this fails, and if this problem is happening with all of your Steam games, then you have a "Steam Issue". The fix is simple.
  • Solution:
    • Ensure you have completely closed down (as in "log out" and wait for it to close) the Steam Client.
    • Locate your "Steam" (not the game) folder (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Steam") and delete the "ClientRegistry.blob" file. (Though you could try just renaming it.) This How to FIX Steam Preparing to Launch Loop other Steam Problems 3.5 minute video shows you how to do exactly that if you are better with visual explanations.
    • Now when you try launching your game the issue should be solved (or at least you should get a different error).

Issue: How to disable the Steam Overlay

Sometimes it is necessary to turn off the Steam Overlay in the Steam Client in order to resolve a conflict.

  • Cause: The Steam Overlay uses a technique that can conflict with other applications or tools using a similar technique. This solution assumes disabling the Steam Overlay is the preferred method of resolving this conflict.
  • Solution:
    • Open the Steam Client.
    • Select "Steam | Settings" from the top menu bar. This will open a "Settings" window.
      • Select the "In-Game" option.
      • Disable (uncheck) the "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" option.
      • Click on the "OK" button to close the "Settings" window.
    • (Optionally) Select "Go off-line". Without the Overlay, there is no real reason for the processing overhead of being "on-line" to the Steam Server. This will require restarting the Steam Client, but will thereafter remain in effect until you choose to change it again.
    • Minimize the Steam Client. (Even in "off-line" mode, it is necessary to start the Steam Client for the DRM licensing engine to enable play.)
    • Launch your game from a shortcut on the desktop.

Issue: Vanilla game bugs

Most that have been officially patched or are XBox or PS console only are available on the Wikia Fallout Portal page.

Issue: Unable to draw weapons, fire, or crouch

Also related: Sunny Smile's initial greeting dialog is actually that from a later stage:

Initial greeting: "Cheyenne, stay. Don't worry, she won't bite, unless I tell her to."
Later greeting: "Yeah alright. Let's just get done with this first and we'll talk later. Preferably somewhere I can get a stiff drink and Cheyenne can cool down".
  • Cause: Removal of all "tumbleweeds" from the game. The first "tumbleweed" seen upon exiting Doc Mitchell's house after creating a character is scripted. It's absence (i.e. a mod to remove all tumbleweeds also removes that script event) breaks the game.
  • Solution:
    • Temporary: Move to somewhere you know you should be able to use all those functions, open the in-game console (<~> key), and enter "EnablePlayerControls" (without the quotes) and hit <Enter>.
    • Permanent: Uninstall any mods that remove all tumbleweeds before creating a new character. Often this functionality is incorporated into "performance" mods, so if it isn't mentioned in the description some testing may be required. However, once the character has stepped outside of Doc Mitchell's so the scripted "tumbleweed" event occurs, they may be installed.