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Hardlink vs VFS - There is no stable "commercial grade" vfs for free. - The vfs I built for MO2 should work fine for the games and tools it has been tested with (since it has received a bunch of bugfixes from other devs now) but it is a common problem that a new tool wouldn't work until the vfs has been fixed to support it. Considering Vortex supports >30 games plus their associated tools vs the 6 games MO2 supports (that all use the same engine) this would have been a maintenance nightmare. - the MO2 usvfs can produce very hard to diagnose errors. - usvfs is windows only whereas hard-links are supported on all platforms so it will be easier to port to Linux/MacOS - usvfs will frequently trigger AV software - usvfs causes a performance hit, hard links don't There is probably a few other cons against the vfs - at least as the "primary" deployment method