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We have invested a lot of time and effort into making sure that Vortex is the definitive, powerful yet easy to use mod manager for a multitude of different games.

As such, Vortex comes with several features which are designed to make modding as easy as possible and accessible to new users and veteran modders alike:

  • Support for close to 40 different games
  • Close integration with the Nexus Mods website
  • Simplified modding thanks to auto-sorting and powerful conflict resolution tools
  • Independent mod profiles
  • Modern, easy to use UI
  • Ability to add to its functionality via extension modules

While there are other mod managers out there that have some or several of the same capabilities, it is noteworthy that Vortex approaches modding a bit differently.

Vortex automatically sorts your plugin list in a sensible fashion in order to avoid mod conflicts and prioritises the goal of achieving a stable load order over granular control of your plugin list.

The main goal of Vortex is to bring modding back to its basics, to a point where you can spend more time playing your modded game, and less time worrying about things like load orders.

For new modders

For newcomers to modding, especially to modding of Bethesda games (The Elder Scrolls & Fallout series), this means that Vortex might be more intuitive than other mod managers as the main burden of load order management is taken off your shoulders. Because of that, Vortex is a great fit for new modders who have little to no experience when it comes to the intricacies of load order management and mod conflict resolution.

For veteran modders

For experienced modders, Vortex’s automatic load order sorting might necessitate a renewed way of thinking about modding:

Over the years, many of us have become attached to the idea of being able to manually drag plugins in our load orders to specific slots. In fact, this is probably one of the most frequently pointed out things about Vortex from those with prior experience of modding Bethesda games. Through automatic sorting and conflict based granular control, Vortex places more focus on resolving conflicts and keeping changes to the minimum needed to have a working, stable game.

How Vortex manages your load order

One of the key features is Vortex’s capability to automatically sort your load order (this applies to Bethesda games only: The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series) to prevent, or severely reduce, the number of conflicts between mods and increase the overall stability of your game. In general, using Vortex will have to spend a lot less time micromanaging your load order to achieve a stable setup.

When it comes to managing your load order, it is important to note that often modders will presume that a given plugin needs to be loaded in a specific load order slot, while in reality, all that matters is when the plugin in question is loaded in relation to another plugin. In other words: it would e.g. not matter if plugin A would load in load order slot 95 or 98, all that would matter is that it loads e.g. before plugin B, but after plugin C etc.

Vortex accomplishes this by making use of LOOT (Load Order Optimisation Tool) to automatically sort your plugins. LOOT is integrated into Vortex by default and does not need to be installed separately.

LOOT, and by extension, Vortex, will in most cases sort your plugins in a sensible fashion, though not always automatically get the load order 100% right. With that in mind, you will still be able to resolve mod conflicts manually. Providing you with information, assistance, and powerful tools, Vortex will help you to achieve exactly the setup that you want with minimal incompatibilities and issues remaining.

A different, simplified approach to modding

Comparing the manual, traditional “drag & drop” style of load order management and the automatic sorting Vortex offers, it is important to highlight that the end goal and desired outcome of both approaches are the same: to have a stable, conflict-free load order.

We feel that the way Vortex achieves this goal is more efficient, hasslefree, and intuitive - especially to new users.

If you have become accustomed to the “old way” of managing load orders, Vortex might feel different and unfamiliar at first. We encourage you to give Vortex a try, approach it with an open mind, and see for yourself where its core strengths lie.

Maybe you are setting up your game on a new device, or you want to try a mod manager that can handle several of the games you like to mod? Or maybe you have a massive plugin list, but have been plagued by mod conflicts and you are looking for an easier solution to your load order issues? In that case, Vortex might be the ideal match for you.

Vortex is a great fit for people who...

  • ...want an easy to use mod manager.
  • the idea of automated sorting combined with powerful conflict resolution tools
  • ...would like to manage multiple games (not limited to Bethesda titles).
  • ...want a mod manager with close integration with the Nexus Mods website.
  • ...want a convenient way of managing mod profiles for different playthroughs.

That being said, we know that Vortex might not be for everyone. If you have a functional installation and a load order with many mods working perfectly together - by all means, stay with whichever way you choose to manage your mods. Likewise, if you are not interested in any of the features offered by Vortex, there is no point in switching.

Vortex might not be suited for people who...

  • ...have massive, stable load orders, which they maintain manually or with another mod manager.
  • ...prefer to do their sorting manually.
  • ...are not interested in profile management, automatic sorting, or a mod manager with close integration with the Nexus Mods website.