Changing appearance in middle game

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Update: I have changed a character's custom hair to a Jaheira style, skin tone, makeup, and tats, and don't notice any problems..

Dragon Age is great, but too bad there's no way to do this stuff in-game. If my girlfriend played it, I'd be doing a lot more of this. :-] ...unless it breaks things! which I doubt. B-)

This is a lot easier than defending Redcliffe and it can all be done with the game running.

Changing hair/parts/tints/makeup/tats mid-game

We'll want a tool that knows hexes. How about XVI32? It's a tidy freeware editor that works like a champ, so grab it: Freeware Hex Editor XVI32

  • Open the savegame .das of your choice. If you open it with Programs/Dragon Age/Tools/GffEditor.exe instead of the DA toolset, you won't have to switch tabs as much to compare things.
  • Open the tree to SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR/SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR/SAVEGAME_PLAYER_MORPH. There's a long string of hex numbers like encoded in email: 47 46 46 [...] (GFF, aha) We want to copy those, NOT the node, so double-click the cell, or select & Enter. An [...] edit button should appear on the right...can ignore. Select All and Copy (mouse 2 or Option key).
  • In XVI32, select New File, then Edit... Clipboard... Paste from Hex String. Save that file as (for example) smashingwarden.mor, then open it in the toolset.
  • Now the toolset lets you see it, and it's not all gunk! For what things to put where, check the object inspector of another morph in the toolset, a chargenmorphcfg.xml, Morph ... etc. Save your changes.
  • Now to get it back in the save file. Open or reload smashingwarden.mor in XVI32. The cursor should be at the first position (0). Select Edit... Block mark. Scroll to the end position of the file, and again select Edit... Block mark. All should be selected in red. Select Edit... Clipboard... Copy as hex string... and Yes.
  • In GffEditor, go to savegame.das. Select or clear all the Values in SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR/SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR/SAVEGAME_PLAYER_MORPH, Paste the new values then save the file.