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What is Vortex?

Vortex is the new, modern mod manager from Nexus Mods. It is designed to make modding your game as simple as possible for new users, while still providing enough control for more experienced veterans of the modding scene. Lead by Tannin, the creator of Mod Organizer, Vortex takes the lessons learnt during the development of MO and Nexus Mod Manager to provide the most powerful and intuitive modding experience available.

Our approach with Vortex aims to take complex tasks such as sorting your load order or managing your mod files and automates as much of the process as possible with the goal of having you achieve a stable modded game with minimal effort. We want to help you spend less time modding and more time playing your games. 

Why Vortex?

With mod support for over 30 different games and counting - from Dark Souls, Fallout and Skyrim, to the Witcher series and Stardew Valley - Vortex is the most versatile mod manager available.

Vortex is designed to seamlessly interact with Nexus Mods allowing you to easily find, install, and play mods from our site, learn about new files and catch the latest news.

The built-in auto-sorting system manages your load order and helps you to resolve mod conflicts with powerful, yet easy to use plugin management features.

Easily set up, switch between, and manage independent mod profiles enabling you to use exactly the combination of mods that you want for a particular playthrough.

Featuring a fully customisable interface, Vortex allows you to quickly and easily access tools and manage your games, plugins, downloads and save games.

Vortex is released under a GPL-3 License giving our community the ability to write extensions and frameworks which can then interact with Vortex, continually adding to its functionality.

What do you mean by 'beta'?

"Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs. Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, as well as speed/performance issues and may still cause crashes or data loss. The focus of beta testing is reducing impacts to users, often incorporating usability testing."

Vortex has graduated from its initial alpha testing phase and we're now ready to open it up as the preferred mod manager for Nexus Mods users. While Vortex includes all the features we intended to bring to a full release, there may still be things we can tweak to improve performance and usability. There can also be bugs in the software from time-to-time that were not uncovered during the alpha release.

We have a clear roadmap of milestones we need to hit before Vortex leaves beta and has it's first 'full' release. If you wish to continue helping us test Vortex and be on the bleeding edge of new feature releases, we are still offering access to our 'testing' updates which will be pushed out to early adopters before regular users. This can be changed in your Vortex settings menu.

Supported games

Vortex currently supports over 30 titles, with more being added by both our developers and the Nexus Mods community. Anywhere you see the 'Download with manager' button on our site, Vortex can handle that mod. 


Currently, supported games are:

Breaking Wheel | Dark Souls | Dark Souls 2 | Dragon Age | Dragon Age 2 | Dragon's Dogma | Factorio | Fallout 3 | Fallout 4 | Fallout 4 VRFallout New Vegas | Legend of Grimrock | Kerbal Space Program | Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Morrowind | Mount & Blade | Mount & Blade: Warband | Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword | Neverwintrer Nights | Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition | No Man's Sky | Oblivion | Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire | The Sims 3 | The Sims 4 | Skyrim | Skyrim Special Edition | Skyrim VR | Starbound | Stardew Valley | State of Decay | Subnautica | The Elder Scrolls Online | War Thunder | The Witcher 2 | The Witcher 3 | World of Tanks | XCOM 2 | X: Rebirth

Does Vortex replace NMM/MO/my current mod manager?

We're not expecting everyone to immediately jump ship to Vortex, but we feel it is ready if you want to try it out. If you currently have a stable working mod setup with an alternative mod manager you can stick with it, but you might find Vortex a good alternative for your next modding setup.

Many users have been able to switch over fully during the Alpha release between Feburary and October 2018. There will be a small learning curve while you get used to the new way Vortex does things, but we hope the built-in help and support will help you easily adapt. Vortex has all the features you need to mod your game and if it is missing something important, let us know in the forums so we can improve it. 

With all this in mind, we are officially replacing NMM on the site, including the download button and link in the site header. You can download Vortex and its translations or extensions from our own Nexus Mods game page.

Help and Support

Vortex is now the primary mod manager of Nexus Mods, so we intend to provide support for our users. You can visit our dedicated help section for Vortex, visit the Vortex forums or check one of our popular help topics below.


Vortex contains a feedback and bug reporting system built into the software, which can be accessed from the menu in the top-right corner. In the event Vortex crashes. you will be given a similar report option. If you experience issues while using the software please report them using these methods, providing detailed information about what you were doing at the time the problem occurred. This is the direct line to Tannin and the fastest way of getting any bugs spotted and fixed.

A Note on Feedback

If you post your bugs in the forums or elsewhere, without using the bug reporting tools in Vortex, it's honestly not helpful to us. Feel free to discuss any bugs elsewhere, but at least ensure you give us a proper bug report from within Vortex first (if you can!).

Please keep in mind that, currently, Tannin is the only developer working on Vortex and as such, we need to manage his time carefully. To us, it's more prudent that he spends the vast majority of his time actually working on Vortex to improve it, because every hour he spends responding to user feedback is an hour he hasn't spent working on Vortex itself. So while it's my hope we can respond to as much as possible, please be aware it's unlikely we're going to be able to respond to all feedback. We will read it all, however.

A common thing we're hearing at the moment between the Vortex release and the release of our new site redesign is this concept of "you don't listen to us". I want to take this time to nip this silly notion in the bud right now.

There is a big difference between not listening to what some of our users are saying and not acting on what some of our users are saying/asking for/outright rudely demanding. I guarantee you, we read all the feedback we receive on Vortex and on the site, but not acting on that feedback does not mean we do not listen.

We might not act or change something that you or multiple users request for a number of different reasons and you should not expect to always get your way. We need to cater to a user base of over 14 million users, some of whom may completely disagree with what you're saying or have completely different wants and needs to your own. Yes, we want to try and cater for all users, but sometimes that simply isn't feasible or possible.

If we agree changes need to be made or even contemplate them, then you need to be aware that our to-do list is years long, and acting on your feedback might not be placed right at the top of the pile (nor is it just going to be dumped at the bottom). This, once again, does not mean we "do not listen" or that your feedback is not valued. Thank you for your understanding.

For Developers

The source code is available on GitHub.
There is further information about how the code is structured, how to extend it and so on in the Vortex Code Development forums.


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