CP2077: Mesh replacement with variants

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This tutorial will teach you how to switch a player mesh for an NPC garment and map its variants to the existing colours.

Step 1: Replace the mesh

Find the mesh that you want to use ("target mesh") and replace it with the one that you want to switch in ("source mesh").
Example: Replacing the short-sleeved poser jacket with the monk shirt with the tied-back sleeves.

target mesh base\characters\garment\player_equipment\torso\t2_084_jacket__short_sleeves\t2_084_pwa__short_sleeves.mesh
source mesh base\characters\garment\gang_monk\torso\t2_135_jacket__monk_shirt\t2_135_wa_jacket__monk_shirt.mesh

Open the target mesh in WKit. Now, replace it with the source mesh.

The target mesh will have a number of variants. You need to find their names:
See target mesh variants.png
Now, open the target mesh (that is named like your source mesh). It will also have variants, but they'll be different: