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Before you start modding your game with Vortex, you'll need to make sure it's detected and managed in the Games tab. Vortex includes extensions for many popular titles and has the capacity to supporter almost any game through community extensions. If you cannot find your game in the games tab, it is likely that there isn't an extension for it yet.

The Games Tab

Overview of the Vortex games tab with labels

The Games tab in Vortex consists of several easy to use components, a brief summary of the labelled features has been included below.

  1. Show Hidden Games - You can choose to limit the games that appear in this list by hiding them individually, this option will show all games including those you have hidden or only those which are still visible. If you ever can't find a game, it's possible it was accidentally hidden.
  2. Scan - The scan menu has two options "Quick" and "Full". The quick scan option will check for games installed through recognised game stores such as Steam, GOG Galaxy, Epic Games Launcher and more. The full scan will initiate a complete search of the locations select for matching game entries.
  3. List View/Grid View - Toggle the games from showing as tiles (grid) or as a list. Grid view is the default option.
  4. Search - Use the search box to find a game by title. Please note the names here will usually match the ones used at so "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" will simply be called "Skyrim". Use the cross icon to clear your current search.
  5. Managed Games - This shows the games that Vortex is currently managing mods for.
  6. Unmanaged Games - This shows the games that are currently supported by Vortex but are not managed. If the game artwork is in colour this represents a game Vortex has been able to locate on your PC.
  7. Scan for Games - This button is a shortcut to running a full scan.

Finding a game

The quickest way to find a game is to use the search box. If you're having trouble finding it, be sure to try variations of the game title (e.g. GTA 5, GTAV, Grand Theft Auto V). Once you have located your game, the artwork will appear in one of two states.

Game Tile in an undetected and detected state

If the game artwork appears in colour, it means that Vortex has been able to find this game on your PC automatically. In this case, you can simply click on the game tile itself to move it from "Unmanaged" to "Managed".

Greyscale game art means that Vortex has not been able to find the game automatically. Click on the game tile will open a new dialog box asking you to select the installation folder for the game. Please make sure you select the base installation folder for the game, not the folder where the game executable is located. If you select the wrong folder, Vortex will inform you of the expected files that could not be found.

My game is installed but hasn't been detected

You may have a version of the game we've not encountered before, please use the "Send Feedback" option inside Vortex to let us know about it. Please ensure you tell us where you purchased the game from and what localisation you are using.

I can't find my game in Vortex

Vortex supports 100+ games, but this may not include the game you are modding. If you're interested in creating an extension for Vortex, please see Creating a game extension for Vortex.

Removing a game

VortexLogoSmall.png This content applies to Vortex 1.4.0+.

If you no longer wish to manage a game with Vortex, you can click the icon in the top right of the game artwork and select "Stop Managing". This will delete your mods and profiles for the game in question and move it back into "Unmanaged".