Vortex Update FAQ

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This article aims to answer the common questions that come up after Vortex has been updated to the latest version.

Why are all my mods missing after updating?

If your mods table appears to be blank or you receive a warning that the staging folder cannot be found after restarting Vortex there are a number of possible changes that may have happened since Vortex was last opened. In almost all cases, this change was not caused by Vortex itself.:

  • Your mod staging folder has been moved.
  • Your mod staging folder has been deleted.
  • The removable/network drive your mod staging folder was on is no longer connected.
  • The drive your mod staging folder is on has been assigned a new drive letter (D:\ may now be called E:\ for example).

Vortex runs several safety checks when you set your staging folder to prevent you from placing it somewhere where it could be deleted, however, it may still be possible in specific circumstances to set it incorrectly. The most common mistake is having your staging folder(s) and download folder(s) inside the Vortex install directory (typically C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex). This folder and all of its contents are completely removed each time Vortex updates, so any data placed inside the folder is at risk of being permanently deleted.

Vortex keeps telling me there's an update each time I open it

This is commonly caused by updating a version of Vortex installed the "Custom Install Location". It's possible the updater is installing the new version of Vortex to C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex but the old version installed elsewhere still exists. When using your pre-existing shortcuts to open Vortex it will launch the outdated version and prompt you to update again. To fix this, either uninstall the newer copy of Vortex and redownload the custom location installer from the download page or remove the version installed outside of Program File and continue to use the latest version at the default location.