Using Filters

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A useful feature in Vortex you can use to organise your mod list is the filtering system. Let's say we have a fairly extensive list of mods like in the example below: 


If you want to get an overview over the mods you have enabled, you can filter by "Status" in the top left corner:


The resulting mod list will only display enabled mods:


Another useful filter to organise your mod list is the column labelled "Category".


Adding a filter for "Clothing" this would be the resulting, filtered mod list:


Note that you can utilise multiple filters at the same time, and even employ several per column. For example, if you want to filter for enabled mods that are either from the Clothing or Bug Fixes category, you can add multiple filters:


Lastly, if you want to remove a filter, simply click the "X" on the right to it.