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The Rise of Ringtones

As a form of mobile entertainment, klingelton have become a highly profitable item for mobile companies. The rise of mobile phones has also increased the consumption of mobile entertainment files, provided by record labels and mobile phone companies. A ringtone is a sonic signature that expresses a person's personality and style. Nevertheless, the ringtone industry is a crowded field, and not all of the participants have the same level of integrity as the original voices.

In 1996, ringtone composers started borrowing the melody of a cadential passage to produce their own ringtone. They also added an extra tonic pitch to their creations. The result was a wide range of ringtones, and the market for these varied styles is growing fast. One example of this genre is the "three-stooges" ringtone. This popular track has a predominantly musical horizon, and is known for its catchy melody.

The market for ringtones is estimated at US$2.5 to 3.5 billion in 2003. It involves multiple financial interests and is estimated to reach nearly 900 million subscribers by 2008.