Tutorial adding scope and silencer to the G3 assualtRifle

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This Is a simple tutorial which will use NifSkope and GECK to create a assault rifle with a scope and silencer.


  • GECK
  • Fallout Mod Manager (for the BSA extractor)
  • NifSkope
  • DLC Pitt

Sorry if you do not have DLC Pitt but you can apply whats in this tutorial to just add a silencer from the silenced pistol to the assualtrifle

Step 1

  1. Open Up The Fomm BSA browser
  2. Then go to the fallout 3 data folder and click on Fallout3Meshes Bsa
  3. Once loaded go to Meshes/Weapons/2handautomatic/g3assualtrifle <-- extract this
  4. And extract Interface\HUD\Scope01.NIF
  5. Also open up the Pitt Main BSA and extract Meshes/DLCPitt/Weapons/2handautomatic/dlc01infiltrator

Step 2

  1. Open up Nifskope and open the G3AssualtRifle Nif
  2. Then Click File, New window
  3. In the new window open up the Dlc01Infiltrator you extracted
  4. With the Infiltrator in the window right click the scope and got to block>copy Branch
  5. now go back to your g3assualt rifle
  6. On the block list, right click the BSFADENODE and go block pastebranch
  7. The Scope And silencer should appear on the screen it wont be in the right position so dont worry if yours isnt
  8. Right click the scope Then click transform ,Then Edit
  9. A window Should Appear Underneath transform Change The Y value to -2.0224 or just click the up arrow in the box
  10. After youve changed the Y Value Change the X value to -2.6000
  11. Then Click accept
  12. And there youve added the scope and silencer but before you save right click on the scope ,now in the block list it should be highlighted.
  13. Now go to Block details ,Then at the top where it says G3Rifle[16]Double click the little black text (TXT) next to it.
  14. A Window should appear in the box type "##G3Scope" and click Ok
  15. Now save your work as whatever you like E.G G3ScopedSilenced

Step 3

  1. Open Geck and Load DlcPitt and Fallout 3
  2. once opened got to items/Weapon/2handautomatic/ and double click "WeapAssaultRifle"
  3. Change The ID to something New like WeapAssaultScopedsilenced
  4. Then change the name to whatever you like e.g. modified assault rifle
  5. Now click The art and sound tab
  6. In the model box click edit and select your model
  7. Now at the bottom where it says "Has scope" Check the box
  8. In the Target Nif Click Edit and load the Interface\HUD\Scope01.NIF you extracted
  9. Now Click Attacksound and type WPN and find WPNpistolSilencedFire3d and click it
  10. Then click Attack sound 2d and find the same one but the 2D sound
  11. Once you have done that change the sound detection level to silent.

Step 4

  1. Click Ok and say Yes to make a new form window which will appear
  2. or you can edit the damage of the rifle and whatever you like
  3. Place in game and load up and play
  4. If you done all correctly it should appear right and have a scope when you aim and be silent


Hope this taught you something you can add this to any other weapon if you like

Good Luck :D

If you need any help with anything Pm me