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Thanks for your this long overdue article. It's very well done, clearly structured and has lots of good information. Does this Ipo rotation fix really work without NifSkope post-processing? Great. Never heard that before. But here starts my (hopefully well understood) chriticism. I'm afraid some parts could discourage fresh users instead of luring them in. The Ipo background is hard to understand, and this fix is everything but "not difficult" and "quite easily" (31 points on a simple forward). And since movement animations are a minority I would would suggest this fix at the end of the article and reference it as one of 2 possible solutions (90° Bip01 z-Rot fix and your Ipo fix as superior, but a little more difficult).

Also I wouldn't refer so vividly to the Blender tutorials. They might be interesting for Blender fans, but beginning modders are scared off (at least I almost was when I started 1 year ago). Gus is simply a bad example when you have to work with real skeletons, and you have to skip all that skinning and rigging stuff when you don't have any idea what taht is good for.

Some other points: - it is incorrect that the animation length (in Oblivion) is determined by the end line of the text editor alone (and export doesn't care for the editor content). Text record, endframe, and frequency (if the first 2 numbers don't match) have to be insync. Otherwise your animation can "explode" (see How Fix Your Animation FAQ)

- does's your 49/50 frames trick really work? Beth has never done that (in Oblivion), and my experience is that animations can CTD/freeze, if you have more than 1 key (i.e. frame 1 and another, but no key for the last frame of the anim)

- it would be good if would mention some of the "pitfalls" (like character tilts not imported, splines and other Niftypes not/badly supported). Users shouldn't need to look for my tutorial once they have gone thru yours ;-)

--Fore 19:53, 3 March 2011 (UTC)