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Hi there,

We have all experienced it: We added some mods to our load order, activated them and later find out, that they somehow mess up our game. We remember when it was not so and want to revert to the load order we had before. What we do now is create the load order from a savegame in our FOMM savegame-list and import that back. But this solution has a major flaw: Sure, you got the perhaps messy mods deactivated, but all mods that the savegame had no information about - all mods that where not activated at the time - will be pushed to the bottom of the load order!

What we wanted, was not to loose our loadorder information.

What we wanted was, to only have the mods active when our game was not messed up yet. Not all our inactive mods are messy, right? We want to keep knowing where they supposed to be for later activation, right?

Well here is the trick how to get both results:

Keep the load order you have right now, but have only the mods active you had activated earlier.

First let my explain how to get a loadorder from a savegame, in case you don't know:


In the Save Game List (right side in FOMM window) you can view your savegames. Click on a savegame and you see which mods you used. You can "export" this info as a "load order". In the third left upper pull down menu of FOMM you can "import" that load order again. Don't do this yet. Instead you first want to "export" the load order you use right now. Name it this way: "Month-Day-Year-any note you deem fit".


Now open your exported load order with a text program. You will see your mods with a box before them

"[X] "

"[ ] "

These boxes you need to delete. You do it best automatically. (just auto-replace them with nothing) :)

Copy the so made list into your ram memory (mark the list and press strg and c simultaneously)


(this where we become creative folks)

Now, via windows you find the folder Fallout 3/fomm/fomm. In fomm there is a file named "lotemplate". Open that file, it looks like this:

\ Leading symbol code:
\ \ A silent comment - will be ignored by the program.
\ % A Bashed Patch suggestion for the mod above.
\ ? A comment about the mod above.
\ * Flags a critical mistake for FOOK2 installation in relation to the mod above.
\ : Means "Requires:"
\ " Means "Conflicts with:"
\ > process this line only if FCOM is installed.
\ < process this line only if FCOM isn't installed.
\ Multiple remark/comment/bash/error lines allowed.
\ Lines beginning with \ and blank lines are treated the same (ignored).

\AliTHeLord has made changes to the source code for FO3 BOSS

\---- \ESMs \---- Fallout3.esm ? Masterlist Information: $Revision$, $Date$, $LastChangedBy$

  1. Everything below this line ("?Masterlist Information [...]") you must delete.
  2. Now simply copy and paste your list you removed the boxes[ ] from still in the ram memory below that line, with one empty line in-between.
  3. Save the lotemplate.
  4. Now do the things i described in TIP ONE. (Export savegame load order from savegame and import it via pulldown menu).
  5. Now in the right half of FOMM click auto-sort. Ignore the warning. FOMM will now auto-sort your load order by the lotemplate you created :)
  6. Click ModIndex above the row of your listed mods
  7. DONE

Congratulations. All mods are now sorted as they used to be, before you imported the load order from the savegame. The savegames load order rule was, that mods that where not used in it get unchecked and be put at the bottom of your load order. By using the tweaked lotemplate, which contains no information of what should be active or not you have nullified the sorting ordered by the savegame load order.

Again: The result is, only the mods from the savegame are active, but they are sorted the way you last sorted them :)

Important Afterthought

Of course your lotemplate is not the one FOMM gave you. Just delete it. Click the pulldown menu "Help" and press Check for update. FOMM will download the original lotemplate again. If you don't want to download it, just backup your lotemplate before you tweak it.

Anymore Questions? Just contact me.




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