Modding X4: Foundations with Vortex

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X4: Foundations

X4 is a science fiction space trading and combat simulator game created by German developer Egosoft.

Released: 2018

Genre: Sandbox

Engine: Custom

Nexus Mods

This guide is designed to help you set up Vortex to install and manage mods for X4: Foundations.


Before we get started, this guide assumes that you have installed X4: Foundations and Vortex at their default locations. You will also need to be logged in to your Nexus Mods account in Vortex.

At the time of writing, this guide only applies to X4: Foundations on Windows.

If you haven’t already, please run X4: Foundations at least once before modding it.

Getting Set Up

To begin, open up Vortex and navigate to the games section. If you don’t already see X4: Foundations under the “Managed” tab, check the “Discovered” section. Use the “Manage” button on the game tile to add it to your managed games.


If you can’t see X4: Foundations, you can scan for it or define it manually.

Installing Mods

For X4: Foundations, there are two different types of mod installation.

Type Description
Documents Folder Mods These mods are installed to Documents\Egosoft\X4\{SteamUserID}\extensions.
Game Folder Mods These mods are installed to {X4 Game Folder}\extensions.

To download any of these mods click either the "Vortex" button in the top right of the mod page or the "Mod Manager Download" button on the files tab.

Once all the files are in Vortex, install them and ensure the mods are deployed. You can then start the game using the play button in the top-left of Vortex.


Some of my mods don't seem to work, why is this happening?

Vortex will, by default, install mods to the game folder, however in some cases a mod will only work correctly when installed to the documents folder. To change the install location, double click on a mod entry and change to the "ModType" option to "x4-documents-modtype" then deploy your mods and test again.

Can I stop the admin prompts when deploying mods?

The admin prompts are caused by Vortex's Symlink deployment. This is often selected as the default, however, you can switch to Hardlink deployment under "Settings", then "Mods". You can learn more about the different deployment options here.