Making Weapons and Armor more Durable

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This is my guide to making weapons and armor is Fallout 3 last much much longer. This process is extremely easy, but does require the GECK. Downloadable from Fallout 3 home website by Bethesda.

Alright now lets get down to business. This quick and easy process takes less than five minutes to do. Now here is how to make your Fallout 3 weapons and armor last as long suits your taste.

Step 1

Open the GECK and load the Fallout 3.esm ONLY

Step 2

Go to the top tool bar, locate the tab labeled "Gameplay" and click on it.

Step 3

Then click "Settings" This will open a separate window.

Step 4

Now scroll down until you find the entries labeled

fDamageToArmorPercentage 0.350000
fDamageToWeaponEnergyMult 0.040000
fDamageToWeaponGunMult 0.030000
fDamageToWeaponLauncherMult 0.060000
fDamageToWeaponMeleeMult 0.050000

These above listed values act as global settings for how much damage weapons and armors will take during use.

The numeric values across from the entries above are the default rates of decay.

Now making the values LARGER numerically will cause weapons and armors to decay FASTER.

Making the numeric values SMALLER will make weapons and armors to decay SLOWER

Step 5

Make the necessary numeric changes and then close the settings window.

Step 6

Hit the save button and close the GECK

Step 7

Start Fallout 3 and activate your new esp like any other mod and enjoy!

The numeric changes will affect ALL armors and ALL weapons.

This guide brought to you by Harabec Weathers! Enjoy!