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3.E Shader library for MGE XE

With additional shaders the game graphics can be further enhanced and customized.

Mod Name Sample Notes
Adaptive HDR by Seventyfour Sample Alternate HDR
FXAA by J.Bottcher Sample Low-cost AA and softening
Film Grain by wrinklyninja Sample Simulates analog film noise
Watercolor Sample Enhanced colors and bleed
Bloom by Seventyfour Sample Better Bloom
Water by Seventyfour (fixed by Ket Golosov) Sample Green water shader, place in \Morrowind\Data Files\shaders
Old Photo by Zilav Sample Desaturate, sepia, and vignette in one
Sky Bloom by peachykeen Sample Alternate Bloom
Fog-linked DOF Sample Distance blur
Lumasharpen by Sample Sharpens textures
Bokeh by Various Sample Bokeh DOF
Gamma Correction by Apel No sample yet Adjusts gamma and luminance
Depth of Field by Vtastek No sample yet Included fog-blur
Water shader by Vtastek Sample Put in \Morrowind\Data Files\shaders