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Dear site visitors,
With great sadness I have to pass on an e-mail message that recently reached me: our most experienced and "old-time" staff member, Lord Devil, has recently passed away. She has been helping the site for a long time, from back when we were still Morrowind Summit, until and during the move, and when we relaunched as Planet Elder Scrolls. Her fair judgment has continually helped me personally to improve the site and to maintain a community. Moreover, our collaboration in Guild Wars and discussions on all kinds of topics were highly valued by me and others.
Using her alter-ego, Quatloos, she started participating at Morrowind Summit even earlier, supplying mod authors with the same level of insightfulness and fair assessment that would later mark her activities as moderator. In addition to that, she also produced a number of well-received Morrowind mods: Mournhold, The Great Bazaar, Vivec Marksman's shop and Cragonmoor. I might not have said it often enough before, but right now I want to thank Lord Devil for all her hard work and all the help she offered in moderating this site.
Finally, I want to wish the best of luck to Lord Devil's family & friends. She will be missed greatly by the Planet Elder Scrolls site staff, the members of Planet Elder Scrolls' forums and community, and myself. Please feel free to e-mail me or post in this item's comments thread, to express your feelings
(I'm sure you have other things on your mind right now, I surely do, but for any future complaints, suggestions or reports regarding site comments and moderation, please continue using the site comment form for now or e-mail Vypress).
I felt that since she was a modder she should been recognised here as well. She was an awesome moderator who patrolled endlessly guarding mods from trollers and spammers. and while she did work over at PES she should be recognised and respected as a true friend here. OUr wishes go out with you and your family. R.I.P LD/QL


Just a notice for those who don't visit the official forums...there is currently a [WiP} Work in Progress going to commemorate Lord Devil forever in the world of Morrowind. If you would like to help out in creating her tomb, you can follow the thread here (dead link). Some of the greatest modders are here helping to create the most decorated tomb around. All ideas are welcome as is anyone who wishes to take part in this community-wide project.