Kuraikiba's Offhand and Stylized Weapon Tutorial

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I haven't seen an offhand weapon tutorial, so I figured I might as well tell how now.

Kuraikiba's Offhand Weapon Creation Guide

This is fairly simple, in all honesty. First off, I'll tell how to do this for weapons. Then, I'll tell how you can do it for any object. In truth, this is a pretty simple little Nifskope operation. This covers how to make Offhanded weapons (Like for Seph's Dual wield or UV), how to make two handers into one handers, how to make any .nif item in Oblivion, vanilla or not, a weapon, and lastly, how to make reverse hand grip weapons.


1. Open Nifskope

2. Select a weapon. Any will do.

3. Click on the little arrow next to the NiNode text in the left hand side window.

4a. Check the NiStringExtraData node for whether it is SideWeapon or BackWeapon

4b. If BackWeapon, make it SideWeapon. Right there, I just told you how to make a two handed weapon one handed.

5. Change SideWeapon to Bip01 L Forearm Twist. That makes it basically a shield.

As is, it would now be probably sticking out of the elbow sideways if used. We will remedy that in the next few steps.

6. Right click on a part of the weapon, and select edit. Make sure it selects the weapon, not it's collision box.

7. Rotate Y to 90.0, and then move make X = 22 or X = 23. It depends on grip size.

8. Repeat 6 and 7 for all parts of the weapon.

9. Save the weapon in the armor folder in Data/Meshes/armor

10. Test it out in game.


This takes a little finessing. However, it's simple, once a few steps are done

1. First, open an item in Nifskope.

2. Click on the little arrow next to the NiNode text in the left hand side window.

3. Right click on the top NiNode's Value. Go Batch->Insert in the list, and search NiS... for NiStringExtraData.

4. Make the value of NiStringExtraData Sideweapon. Right there, I've told how to make any item a weapon. For other applications, use BackWeapon for 2 handers, Bow for Bow and Staff for Staff.

5. Whatever direction the item is pointed in is likely wrong. Zoom in, and find which direction is Y for it.

6. Align the all parts of the item to face forward in the Y axis, or up as it would be in the game. This takes a little testing and fidgeting with the item.

7. Once you have it aligned so it looks like a weapon, save it in Data/Meshes/Weapon. Now, that item is officially a weapon.

8. Now, do steps 6-8 of the procedure for standard weapons.

9. Now, save the new item using the same file name in Data/Meshes/Armor.

10. Test in game.

If you got through this whole guide and everything was followed exactly as I explained it, then let me be the first to note the success. Congrats, you've just learned how to make any item into a weapon, how to make two handers into one handers, and how to make offhanders all in one tutorial! As well, if you make a regular weapon rotated R = 180 and Y = 180, and the same for an offhanded weapon, then you've just learned how to make reverse grip weapons as well! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, so you can make your Oblivion experience a little more stylish! Have fun!

By Kuraikiba