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Haste is a cheat engine used for debugging and its purpose is to speed up the process of using frequently used cheats and to allow the creation of more complex compound cheats.

It supports:

  • execution of LUA scripts
  • execution of console commands
  • execution of custom-created trees on the Haste SmartObject
  • custom setup and execution of some scripting sub-systems and utilities (e.g. Migration, Layer Profile Streaming).
  • Item creation
  • Setting objective and quest states
  • Setting Global Variables
  • Setting Stats and Skills to NPCs
  • Entity Teleportation

Haste cheats often require adequate support on the side of the affected script trees, flow graphs and even dialog architecture, so plan your scripts accordingly.

If properly set up, it allows you to execute any predefined cheat in-game or in Sandbox Editor game mode.

You can fire it up by pressing [H] and then entering the listed numbers.

Cheats are defined in ..\Data\Libs\Haste\haste.xml

For further details on this tool and its possibilities, including a list of available functions and commands, consult Haste Documentation.

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