Introduction to W3 Modding for radish tools beginners.

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In this article, you'll find some starter knowledge for context and usage of the raddish modding tools, with special regard to modding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in general. If you are new to modding (W3) in general, then you might find some valuable information and advice here, of which some it is at times assumed that you know it if you try yourself on an advanced modding suite like radish.



- contents


REDengine & Official Tools


wcc_lite, official tutorial, GUI by rfuzzo, unbundle/unpack, uncook, import/export, link to further intros

Major REDengine Concepts

most important file formats & related concepts: CR2W, RTTI, Component System, .w2ent


Community Tools

Overview, high-level comparison, link to wiki-deep dive

Sarcen's Mod Editor and WolvenKit

link to Sarcens, wkit repo, cp77 shift, current state, nikich Version, use cases: modify/dump encoded files

Lexar mode browses files from your current mods
asset browser from the vanilla game files

Radish Modding Tools

create/dump encoded files

frontend (project template, in-game mods), backend (encoders, editors)

The Radish Pipeline

use mods in game to create in front of the enviroment

log the definitions and run scriptwatcher

integrate the desired portions into your definitions

The Project Template

why creating links?

what do the directories mean



Further Tips & Links

Tutorials and Ressources

links to other intros, CDPR Forum, MarvelMaster, Discord Servers

Problem Solving

- mind the wcc log!
- search the faq, servers for infos, study uploaded files, the hubtest, wiggo's sample quest, nikich's ntr repo, wiki and radish docs, radish codeberg
- be patient & ask for help :)


Step. by. step. That's why there are trials, in which you can focus on one aspect at a time.