How to remove the BoS decals on custom Power Armour

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Ever been annoyed that whenever you make custom power armour there's a BoS Logo on the shoulder? I know I have. Tut1.png

1) Find the power armour you want to modify (In my case - T45d) and load it up. Right, see "Biped Model List"? Search the Object Window for that list (In my case - ArmorPowerList)


2) Load the list up and create a new form (rename the ID)


3) Now delete the entry that says "PowerArmorDecalBoS"


4) Your list should look like mine (apart from the ID):


5) Load the Power Armour up and create a new form. Then, change the "Biped Model List" to the one you just created.


6) Enjoy the logo-free armour!!


I hope this tutorial was a help to you all, and good luck with all your mods!

If you need any help with modding, then click Here to send me a message on the Nexus Forums.

Thanks for reading,