How to make updates (UMM)

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Upload a new version of your mod on dropbox or github.
Create a json file and similarly specify the new version and url to your update. Or just specify the version, then the manager will simply announce the update available.
        {"Id": "FastTravel", "Version": "1.3.2", "DownloadUrl": ""}

Upload json file to hosting.
Add the Repository line to the modinfo file and specify the url to this json file. 

  "Id": "FastTravel",
  "DisplayName": "FastTravel",
  "Author": "newman55",
  "Version": "1.3.1",
  "EntryMethod": "FastTravel.Main.Load",
  "HomePage": "",
  "Repository": ""

All urls must be available for direct download.
Now a game will have the icon on the availability of updates, and the manager will be available update menu.