How to make a teleporter

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This tutorial is about making your very own teleporter for Fallout 3.

What you need:

The first step in this tutorial is placing your teleportation marker into the game, and naming the reference. Let's put it in the Megaton player house, or the Tenpenny tower house, depending upon which you use. First, type Marker into the "Filter" tab in the top-left of the Object Menu tab, and select "Static" in World Objects. Near, or at the bottom you should find XMarkerHeading. Place one of these in your house, either Tenpenny or Megaton, double click it in the Cell-View window, and name it AA01TeleporterMarker.

The next step is to make the script for the item for marking your teleporter, and the item for moving to your teleportation marker. First, let's deal with the teleporter marker. The script for this should be:

SCN AATeleporterMarkerSCRIPT

Begin OnUnequip (As with personal experience, Begin OnEquip did not work)
  AA01TeleporterMarker.MoveTo Player

This makes the previously placed marker move to your current location, and when you do the next script, makes it to where you move to that location. The script for the teleportation itself is just as simple. Basically, the same thing except different order, but makes all the difference. The script is:

SCN AATeleportationSCRIPT

Begin OnUnequip (As with above, OnEquip did not work for me)
  Player.MoveTo AA01TeleporterMarker

As for the items themselves, if you did not want to use a BSA unpacker, then copy an armor object (such as the slave collar, though you will have to make sure and check "Playable") per item (You will need two), and change the object ID of the item, say from SlaveCollar to AATeleporterMarker01, for your marker, and SlaveCollar to AATeleporter01 for your actual teleporter. NOTE: If you do not want to screw up a part of the game itself, when you click OK after changing the ID, and the thing says "...Do you want to change the form" or something like that, click Yes. If you click No, you will be changing that item itself. Though, before you click OK, choose which script you wish to belong to that item, the Teleporter Marking script or the Teleportation script. An extra note is that I suggest you get rid of the Biped Object, by clicking edit on it itself, and clicking the edit in the window that pops up. I suggest this as that way you would not have a certain object (Like a collar) that needs to be stuck to a certain equip type, and you can, say, set something to nosering, unused01, or some other virtually unused slot in Equip Type.

For those who use the BSA unpackers, you can put, say, a sensor module for the Teleporter Object's World Object, and a Stealth Boy model for the Marker.

Once you have followed through these instructions, you will, if by no fault of my explanation or by your following the explanation, be able to teleport wherever you want, from wherever you want, whenever you unequip the Teleportation Item, after moving the marker to wherever you want.

P.S. This same script can be applied to an infinite amount of teleporters, so you could have 1,000,000 teleporters in the game if you wanted.