How to change Body Texture for each Race

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Hi everyone !!

As i didn't see any tutorial on "How to change body texture", i spent all night trying various methods and finally came up with one worthy. As a warning, i won't create entirely a new race, but just update the body texture of one existing, but the process stays the same ^^ If you want, for example, keep all caracteristics of a race while beeing the only one with a particular Body Texture, you just have to Duplicate the selected Race and apply the following changes ;)

First, just load skyrim.esm with the CK, and look for NakedTorso in All, and Duplicate it. You'll see, for man and woman, a Skin Texture option available, with selected SkinBodyMale/Female_1 : look for it in All. Once you've found it, duplicate it again, and Edit the texture with those of your choice.

viewer.php?id=640058NakedTorso.png][IMG]640058NakedTorso.png viewer.php?id=141341SkinBodyFemale.png][IMG]141341SkinBodyFemale.png

Let's go back to the NakedTorsoCOPY you've made and let's select the SkinBodyCOPY.

Then, select the race you want to make some change to, and in Body Data, you'll see below Body Texture the SkinNaked selected, and guess what : you also have to change it !! =D At this step, you can also duplicate the Race, but remember your character may be buggy if you change race in the middle of the game ^^ As you're used to, once you found SkinNaked, duplicate it.

viewer.php?id=744149SkinNakedRace.png][IMG]744149SkinNakedRace.png viewer.php?id=413236SkinNaked.png][IMG]413236SkinNaked.png

In the SkinNakedCOPY, you'll find a little square with NakedFeets/Hands/Torso in. You'll have, while the window open, check for the NakedTorsoCOPY and slide it in the square (press right click and put it in while maintaining). If it doesn't work, try to put it a little below the NakedTorso, which you'll delete.

To set it up, you've change the SkinBody which is used by the NakedTorso, which is used by the SkinNaked, which you can select in the race of your choice !! Don't forget to watch the preview available, and if body doesn't show, select in General Data Morph/Armor Race and try the preview again ;) I hope i've made it clear enough, and good luck !!