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Here are the various methods regarding the addition or removal of glowmaps:

Method #1 - NifSkope materials setting

  • NOTE: The glow would affect any NiTriStrip object that shares the same material
  • NOTE: The amount of glow applied would be even throughout the entire surface
  • NOTE: There can only be a single color for the glow
  • NOTE: This method is usually effective if the model was modular and designed with a glow effect in mind.

  1. Edit the NIF using NifSkope and modify the values under the NiMaterialProperty.
  2. Set the Emissive color to the desired color and intensity.

Method #2 - Add a glowmap file

  • NOTE: The requires the addition of a new file that matches the name of the diffuse texture but with an _g at the end of the name. Example:
  • NOTE: The color and amount of the glow can be controlled at the pixel level based on color and brightness.

  1. Edit the NIF inside NifSkope and modify the values under the NiMaterialProperty. Set the Emissive color from Black to White.
  2. Create an _g texture file with black areas that should not glow and white / bright areas for areas with maximum intensity for glow and anything in-between. You can use colors as well.

Method #3 - Combination of method #1 and #2

  • NOTE: If the glowmap is configured the way you want it but the intensity is off, simply edit the brightness of the Emissive color for quick adjustments.

Method #4 - Removal of glowmaps

To remove a glowmap, you simply reverse the process.

  1. Delete the file.
  2. Edit the NIF inside NifSkope and change the material properties. Set the Emissive color to Black.


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