Generating Tree LOD FNV/F3

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By Martin Purvis

For this tutorial I will be using a custom worldspace called TestWorldspace and an esp called TestWorldspaceMod to make it clearer to follow. Might make a video tutorial for visual learners. The Tree we will be generating LOD for is the static object TreeDead03, it has the following properties.


Has Tree LOD is ticked which means that we will be able to generate LOD for the tree.

  • Not all ‘_lod.nif’ files are included in Fallout: New Vegas (The _lod.nif files for Dead Trees are in Fallout 3’s Meshes BSA)

Things You Need For This Tutorial

  • GECK - Here (free)
  • FOMM - Here (free)
  • GIMP - Here (free)
  • GIMP DDS Plugin - Here (free)
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Fallout 3


1. Launch FOMM and go to Tools > BSA Browser.

• Go to your F3 data directory and open Fallout – Meshes.bsa and from ‘meshes\landscape\trees\’, extract treedead03.nif and treedead03_lod_flat.nif to the ‘\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Meshes\Landscape\Trees’ directory.

• Go to your F3 data directory and open Fallout – Textures.bsa and from ‘textures\landscape\trees\’, extract to the ‘\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Textures\Landscape\Trees’ directory.

2. Open GIMP and import the file. Load without MipMaps and go File > Export As… and save it with default settings as treedeadlod.tga in the ‘\common\Source\Textures TGA\Landscape\Trees’ directory.

3. Load your file up in the GECK and go into a cell in the TestWorldspace worldspace. Drop the Static object TreeDead03 into the cell (for me, cell 0,0) and save.

  • I have a COC Marker in my cell to transport to called TestWorldspaceCOC.

4. Now go to World > World LOD. Select TestWorldspace and press Generate Trees.


A box should then appear that says...

Awesome! It worked! LOD tree generation completed successfully.

Press Ok and save again, close the GECK.

5. Go to ‘common\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Meshes\Landscape\LOD\TestWorldspace\Trees’ and we have our file created!!


6. Make sure Archive Invalidation is ticked and launch your mod. Finally, in game screenshots.

Up close and in the distance.



  • I created this guide as easy to follow and as short as possible while being clear.
  • This was NOT easy to find out, the process doesn't work with a lot of other trees in game.
  • I will probably be doing some more tutorials regarding LOD, keep an eye out!
  • Save often as the GECK is prone to crashing.
  • This works for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, may work for Oblivion and Skyrim. Needs clarification.