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If you are experiencing crashes at random or same point of game this article is for you.I try to update that guide with new problems and fix.


Hi! I see a lots of people have problems with Fallout 3, with that annoying crashes to desktop , so i decided to test and gather, most effective solutions.



If you have a multi-core CPU, like the Quad, and you experience a Fallout 3 crash when loading interiors (Specially in closed spaces):

- Open the folder My documents / My Games / Fallout3

- Edit the file FALLOUT.ini.

- Inside FALLOUT.ini look for a group called [general].

- Inside the general group, after all the configuration parameters, just copy and paste the following 2 lines:


Now close and save the Fallout 3 configuration file.


Fallout 3 crashing or crashing to desktop or crashing at the start of the game:

- Click Start

- Click All Programs or Programs,

- Go to the ffdshow folder.

- Click Audio decoder configuration.

- In the left hand pane, click Info & debug or DirectShow control (This is the second entry in the list).

- In the right hand pane, near the bottom, find a check box labelled Don't use ffdshow in

- Check that box, and in the text box underneath (it lights up when you check the check box), add fallout3.exe. Do NOT use spaces, since ffdshow will think that's part of the filename. A valid entry would be explorer.exe;fallout3.exe.

- Finally, click OK and start Fallout 3.


Fallout 3 crashing after loading my save/autosave (also that solution can help reduce CTD):

- In game menu go to Settings>Gameplay and turn off all autosaves(On wait, sleep and fast travel)


.Solutions reducing CTD:

- it's simple turn off HDR(Fallout Launcher>Options>Screen Effects and chose Bloom or None

-Click Start

-Click on Run

-Type dxdiag

-Clink on Display tab

-Disable AGP Texture Acceleration

(Also update DirectX to latest version)

-Update your .NET Framework to higher then 3.0 version

-If u are using mods(for egzample:WMK, FWE, PB, FOOK, MMM, UF3P(Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch) etc together) and have crashes, download FO3Edit,

-Unpack it to Fallout 3 directory,

-Run FO3Edit,

-Tick all mods that you use,

-Press "OK" button and wait,

-If program load all mods press Right mouse button anywhere and chose option "Create Merged Patch" and give it some name for example "Fallout 3 Merged Patch"

-Close program save changes and this should help work mods together,

-Also if you are running UF3P(Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch), MasterUpdate can help you,

-Download FO3Edit,

-Unpack it to Fallout 3 directory,

-Make a copy of FO3 or rename it to FO3FO3MasterUpdate,

-Run it, wait and play,

I noticed(by my self) that a 90% of my CTD was corrupted save, so here are my advices:

-First look at point 3,

-Then when u play try not to use autosave future every 2 sec,

-Use ESC>Save game and crate new save(don't overwrite existing save),


Few fix for Windows 7 by Thor:

-Remove Alchemy,

-If you are running Windows 7 try install the older audio drivers from xp, this is in Windows seven pro,

-Install them using the the XP compatibility mode it should work, the xp drivers don't use alchemy.

(This is for people using Creative cards)

it might work for you.

Note Windows 7 will run just fine without it. No noticeable change.

-I found that also will stop that nasty crash to desktop when launching the game in Windows 7, try using the basic taskbar lay out. the old vista one. That also works.

It doesn't like many of the Windows 7 features for some reason, even Vista's.