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Orginal title:

k_001-a1der - (Is a GTAIV style cover system possible?) Why yes it is!

Hey Nexus this is my first tutorial, hope its good.


Ok just to let you know this tutorial is not for beginners. You will have to understand the different terms that I use and have a animation editing program, a program like Autodesk 3ds max and knows the GECK like the back of there hand.



First you will have to make a couple of "animation sequences": entering the cover, exiting the cover, a modification of the idle, left walk idle & right walk idle animations.

Every reload and shoot animation for every gun. The shoot animations should be for the Left & Right peak maneuvers, and the reloads should be behind cover.

The difference in the animations should be noticeable from the vanilla idle animation, it should be a mixture of crouching and wall sitting.

There also should be two different sets of "animation sequences" High & Low cover.


Ok..Now this is when things get complicated. First start up your animation editing software.(really doesn't matter what it is, as long as you can edit the vanilla .kf files)

Load the vanilla: idle, idle walk left and idle walk right animations.(In separate windows of course) what ever you want to them its your mod. Ok now its the regular b.s. edit..export..whatever.

Open the g.e.c.k, load you mod, go to the "idle animations" tab right click new. open the animation data. click browse. when your done, click save.

Scripting, not really:'( Create new script. name it: "1xWallCoverSCRIPT" click script type, and click "OBJECT".

excuse me if the scripting is still learning.

srn 1xWallCoverSCRIPT
Begin OnTriggerEnter.player

some kind of scripting code should go here, so that NPCs or the player is forced to use the animation.


That's how the script should look, maybe?

I don't know how to make a NPC use a idle animation maker but it has been done in the game e.g.(That giant robot, forgot its name)


(Garden of Edibales Cooking Kitchen) Ok create a new trigger. Once that opens click new trigger. chose the script you just made. it: "1xWallCoverTRIG" click done.

Open up the GECK and start placing your new triggers and idle markers.

[!]Don't forget to put the trigger in front of the idle marker.

Made By: k_001-a1der

The AriousQween