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Nerdkink 2012-02-15

Can someone write a tutorial about how to make your uploads to Nexus be compatible with NMM?

  1. How to correctly use version numbers
  2. Having more than one 'mod' in your mod
  3. How to handle 'Optional files'
  4. How to merge your files together to use an installer dialog

As an example of how people are now uploading:
He has 2 main files that retexture different items (both files retexture different kinds of soulgems so it makes sense they are the same 'mod')
He then has to include a bunch of 'optional' files again with the same version number for various alternatives.

Google is no help finding a tutorial describing how to get around this. And I couldn't find any NMM tutorial for install option dialogs either.

NMM not loading to accept downloads

Hello, I've recently started to play Skyrim on computer. I had been playing on PS3 for a few months. I started using NMM to get the mods I had seen that looked interesting to me. It was on the 28th of this month that I did my first downloads, and with the exception of mods that either did not play well together or I did not have requisite file for everything seems to have worked just fine.

On the 29th I tried to download some other files, I clicked the "Download Manager" button on the different pages.

Now comes my dilemma...NMM would not open to accept downloads. Instead my desktop folder would open showing the program shortcuts.

I found the download history page on this website and found the files I was trying to download listed there, along with the ones I had downloaded the day before. I noted there was a time listed with each file.

I then assumed that there is a file limit on how many files can be downloaded during a twenty-four hour period, and decided to wait for the time called out to pass.

I left my machine on and linked to this site, I came back to it after a few hours, and found that the files had not downloaded, the files in the history page show that they had DL'd. However, I have not been able to find them on my machine.

I have tried doing a download or two this morning, and the same thing happens. My desktop folder opens and no download begins, this with NMM sitting open.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I've been playing a variety of games and performed downloads of a variety of files. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this.