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As we continue to improve Vortex, we will be releasing new features in beta builds. These builds are only available to users who opt-in to receive testing updates and may contain minor bugs or issues which need to be ironed out before the full release to our userbase.

Should I opt-in to the beta build?

While anyone can opt-in, we recommend that you only use the testing builds of Vortex if you're willing to put up with some potential issues and constructively report any problems you encounter so we can fix them. Quite often these new builds will contain untested features or changes to game support that has the potential to cause issues in setups we haven't yet encountered. All beta releases should be relatively stable as they go through an internal test process first.


How can I get the beta build?

You can opt-in to receive testing updates from the Vortex settings page. You simply change the "Update" option from "Stable" to "Testing". If a new beta version is available, Vortex will inform you a few seconds later and allow you to install it. Otherwise, Vortex will simply check each time you start it up for new beta builds.


Can I go back to the stable build?

If you are having problems with the beta build, it is possible to roll back by changing the option mentioned in the previous section back to "Stable". Please be aware though, it is potentially dangerous to revert back to an older version. If the version difference is a major or minor update (e.g. 1.x.x -> 2.x.x or 1.2.x -> 1.3.x) we recommend you stick with the test build until it reaches stable before opting out.