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In this tutorial, you will see the basic mechanisms to make eyes that already exist in CK (or that you previously added) glow. It is assumed that the user knows his way around the CreationKit.

Required Tools

Steps - Part 1

  1. Open Fallout 3 Archive Utility. On it press on “File” and choose “Open Archive”. Go into Skyrim folder. Then, go into the folder “Data” and choose “Skyrim – Meshes.bsa”.
  2. When it finishes opening it up, go into meshes->actors->character->character assets, and select “eyesfemale.nif” and “eyesmale.nif”.
  3. Now, click on “Action” and choose “Extract Selected Files”. This will ask you where do you want to save these two files. Doesn’t actually matter for now where they are.

Steps - Part 2

It will be assumed we are working with male eyes now, and that you already have a texture, just don't have a glow map. The steps are the exact same ones for the female eyes, just different file (“eyesfemale.nif”).

  1. Open the file “eyesmale.nif” with the NifSkope and click on the “BSLightningShaderProperty” (it is under the branch “NiTriShape”). In there, do the following changes:
  a) Shader Type: Change it from what it is (16) to 2.
  b) Shader Flags 1: Remove SF_Eye_Environment_Mapping (it might cause crashes).
  c) Shader Flags 2: Add SF_Glow_Map.
  d) Emissive Color: Change to the color you want the glow to be.
  e) Emissive Saturation: This sets the strength of the glow. Default is 1.1300 and I find 7.000 to be very strong.
  1. Now, expand the “BSLightningShaderProperty” branch and select “BSShaderTextureSet”.
  2. Change the first one to the texture you want the eye to have (e.g.
  3. Copy the third one to the 4th available slot (e.g. textures\actors\character\eyes\
  4. Select on the third slot the glow map you are going to use (e.g. To create a glow map, check the following link:
  5. Save the mesh with any name you want (e.g. aaaMaleEyesRinnegan)

Steps - Part 3

In this part, the user will have to go to the CreationKit. Remember I'm assuming you know your way around it and that the eyes already existed within the CK and were available in-game (I won't cover how to add new eyes).

  1. Look for the headpart which hold the eyes (it will be a “file” that will have the choice of gender, texture set, and three different options for files of the eyes, being one of them the “eyesmale.nif” we extracted). You want to replace the one with the “eyesmale.nif” with the new mesh you created – “aaaMaleEyesRinnegan.nif”. Press OK.


  1. Add the glow map to the texture set of those eyes as well, and save the .esp.


  1. Now, the eyes should have the glow in-game. Just go to “showracemenu” and check them out.


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