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Help starting out. TW3 mods not being applied

So i'm really excited to play through Witcher 3 again, with some great mods. However I'm not certain I've navigated the settings correctly.   I opted to move my install (Steam) back to the default C: drive location. Had the space and apprecieate the lightning fast load times from NVMe. I moved the install location, then verified install. Game launches just fine too.   I installed Vortex to default location, and downloaded and installed a few mods I'm able to (manually) locate TW3 game, it is under "managed" tab. However, at the moment "0 active mods"    for "Mod Staging Folder", under settings i have used the suggested location (User>...>AppData/Roaming/Vortex/witcher3/mods (when i tried to browse to the game folder, it refuses. Saying it shouldn't be there).   The mods have been downloaded, deployed and enabled.   What am i missing, for them to be applied. Can't really find a tutorial with step by step instructions.   Haven't tried it yet, but can i simply COPY the folders from AppData > into the game directory in the "mods" folder???   The following tutorial jumps from manually identifying the game (i.e. getting it to managed, which i have done) straight to editing load order   be gentle, as this is new for me!