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The Dashboard

This is the central hub in Vortex displaying the various dashlets that allow you quick access to your mod tools, new files, site news, and more. UI01.png

Managing Dashlets

You can move the dashlets around by clicking and holding the icon to the left of the X in the top right corner of the individual dashlet you would like to move. Dashlets can be disabled by clicking the X in the top right corner, or by accessing your settings, where you can choose which dashlet/widget to show.

ToDo List Dashlet

The dashlet labelled “Let’s get you set up” allows you to easily set up a managed game in Vortex:


  • “Introduction Video” - plays an introductory video that explains the basics of Vortex. Note that parts of the corresponding video series by Gopher might be outdated at this point in time.
  • “Handle Nexus Links” if set to “Yes”, all downloads initiated via the “Mod Manager Download” button on file pages on Nexus Mods will be handled by Vortex. If set to “No” Vortex will not handle these links.
  • “Profile Management” toggles Vortex’s mod profile functionality on or off.
  • “View Advanced Settings” toggles the advanced settings on (or off), giving you access to more involved options.
  • “Scan for missing games” launches the game search which will automatically look for any of the games supported by Vortex on your hard drive.
  • “FNIS Integration” - for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition only: this toggles the corresponding "Automation" setting. If enabled Vortex, will automatically update FNIS when you deploy a mod.

Starter Dashlet

This dashlet gives you quick access to various modding tools. Depending on the game, there might be one or several preconfigured tools, but you can easily add any custom or not preconfigured modding tool for quick access.


Recently Managed

This is a shortlist of the games that you have recently managed with Vortex. Click on “activate” on any of those to switch game mode and set them as the actively managed game.

Clicking the plus (+) in the top right corner will reveal meta data for the game as well as several options to e.g. open the corresponding game folder, mod folder, or Nexus Mods page. You can also manually change the game’s location.


New Files

The new files dashlet allows you to learn about the most recent mod uploads for the game you are currently managing from within Vortex. The dashlet displays the mod category, a header image, the mod name (which also serves as a link to the corresponding file page), a short description, as well as endorsements and total file downloads.


Latest News

This dashlet allows you to keep up to date with the latest Nexus Mods news, giveaways, and mod author interviews from within Vortex.



The changelog contains information about what is new in your current Vortex version. You can also view past Vortex versions' changelogs by clicking "Previous" (click "Next" to navigate to more recent changelogs).


Issues Dashlet

If you have reported issues via GitHub, this dashlet will help you keep track of them.

Default view UI08A.png
With reported issues UI08B.png

Nexus Account Dashlet

This dashlet displays your avatar, username, and provides a link to your Nexus Mods profile.


ARC Support

This dashlets provides you with a convenient link to "Arctool" which is needed for some games such as Dragon's Dogma.


Navigation Area

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